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Discover the secret to freedom from illness and disease forever!

One of the most common substances in the world are onions. Many know them as a delicious ingredient for cooking while others recognize them as a nourishing vegetable, but unknown to many, onions have been used, in many lands and cultures, as an herb for treating illnesses and diseases for ages!

Today, even modern science has come to recognize onions as a superfood, one of the most powerful natural cures for illnesses and disease. This is one superfoods that can actually prolong life, even in the presence of chronic disease.

There are different varieties of onions and each one works differently in the body. A lot of research has gone into find out exactly how they work and you will find answers here.

In this book, The Health Benefits of Onions: Superfoods and Natural Cures, you'll learn all about onions, the healthiest verities and how to exploit their numerous health benefits.

The following is an overview of what you will get…
Full list of all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in onions.Full listing of the Health benefits of onionsFull listing of all diseases and illnesses that can be cured just by eating onions.Research based facts on onionsKnowledge of the healthiest varieties of onionsWhy onions make you cry (explanation)How onions fight chronic diseasesTraditional uses of onions by ancient tribesFixing bad eyesight with onionsOnions Dos and Don'tsAnd much, much more!
The power to cure yourself of some of the most chronic diseases is now in your hands. This book, The Health Benefits of Onions: Superfoods and Natural Cures, merely gives you the knowledge.

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