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Publisher Description

• Comprehensive coverage of key health topics affecting women
• Helpful charts showcasing the latest recommendations for health screenings, exams, and immunizations by age and health risk profile
• Tips on how to talk to your doctor or nurse . . . how to get a second opinion . . . and how to read drug labels
• Shared personal stories and experiences of women who overcame health obstacles
• Accessibly written content to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of readers, including a glossary of medical terms and many full-color illustrations

American Reference Books Annual review

The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for All Ages. Washington, D.C., Government Printing Office, 2008. 500p. illus. index.

This guide, offered from the Office on Women’s Health, is intended to provide women of all ages, economic backgrounds, and ethnicities with general health information. It serves more as a guide to keeping women healthy and safe than a guide that will help women deal with long-term health issues, although these are addressed here as well. Numerous medical experts from government agencies helped create this volume, including: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Indian Health Service, and National Institutes of Health. The work is arranged into more than 20 chapters that address diseases (e.g., heart disease, type 2 diabetes, blood disorders, HIV/AIDS), woman-specific health concerns (e.g., reproductive health, pregnancy, breastfeeding), well-being (e.g., healthy aging, mental health, nutrition, fitness), and very specific concerns (e.g., violence against women, alternative medicine). The chapters are well written and will be easily understood by women with a high school education. There are many illustrations, charts, lists, and sidebars that add both interest and additional information. Users will find practical advice and tips to deal with a wide range of common health concerns among women of all ages. Each chapter is supplemented with lists of additional resources, Websites, and organizations to contact for more information.
This guide will appeal to a wide range of women. The information is timely, easy to comprehend, and lends itself well to further research if needed. This guide is highly recommended.--Shannon Graff Hysell

January 18
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
United States Government Printing Office