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Introduction Imagine, if you will, a certain scenario. A common interaction with, perhaps, uncommon features that might say something about silences, sightings, knowingness, and the potentialities of being human together. Jim, in the set up, is an ordinary father, if there is such a thing. He is harried by life's demands. He is conscientious, hard working, a rule-follower. He takes great pride in fitting in, in "making the world as it should be," in knowing his children. His son, Daniel, is twelve. Daniel is slow. He is not slow in intellectual understanding or in social interaction. He simply lives at a different pace of life. Daniel notices things. He can walk by an old dilapidated house, one toward which we might not offer a second glance, and notice a cat on the porch, a broken window that looks like a crescent moon, and a gray pipe sticking out of the grass. Insignificant items, and yet ones of which Daniel is acutely aware. In our scenario it is a typical Monday morning. Jim is trying to get himself and his children, Daniel included, out the door to school and work. Everyone is ready and standing at the door, but Daniel, as usual, is conspicuously absent. Jim barks down the hallway, "hurry up, Daniel. We'll be late!" After a minute or two, Jim walks down the hallway to Daniel's room. There is Daniel, still stuffing things into his backpack and at the same time trying to find his second shoe. Jim impatiently hurries him along, rushing all out the door to their places of destination. Another harried morning, complete with the annoyances of Daniel lagging behind, but accomplished, completed, passed over.

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June 22
Caddo Gap Press
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