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Heart Breaks & Murder Rates 1

Kansas City reporter Janice Thompson has love for her city, her community, and her girlfriend Aaliyah Khalid. Together they try to find resolutions to the city's plight, only to find out that there's trouble in their own relationship. And when Janice catches Aaliyah in bed with a prominent figure in the community—another woman with powerful, political ties—Janice has a moment of distress. She leans on a friend named Demarcus Lane for support. He's a corrections officer with a crush on her. And he also has inside information about a known killer.

Heart Breaks & Murder Rates 2

The City has erupted. Kansas City is a failed state. Janice Thompson now stands alone, and her good friend La'Shonda Miller is the focal point of the ghetto's black and brown rage. With both women on opposing sides of a fight for survival, who will win out? Especially when a nervous cop kills a prominent black senator's son. Will this second innocent black life matter? Will it be the loss that eventually saves other lives? Or is it too late for Kansas City?

Heart Breaks & Murder Rates 3

Janice and La'Shonda are both intimately involved with the infamous police officer Dennis Carter. And he's hiding a secret from the both of them. La'Shonda has her own agenda though—she wants to be a main player in Kansas City's political machine in order to get her nephew Bari less prison time; Dennis Carter is just a pawn in her grand scheme. But with Dennis being appointed as the new Chief of Police, he now might hold enough power to keep his secrets secret—and use Janice and La'Shonda in every way he pleases.

Heart Breaks & Murder Rates 4

Janice is dead. La'Shonda has been corrupted and Heather Mills is in retirement with her niece Stacy. Yet Enjoy is still in power and still in Kansas City—so is Keisha Davis, a protégé of Janice Thompson (and girlfriend/baby momma of a Chicago gang lord). Will a social media beef send Kansas City into an underworld war with Chicago? Or will Joy's federal indictment save the city from collapse?

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July 10
Felony Books
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