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What do Italian food and Italian women have in common? They both give Dante Girabaldi heart burn and, with the exception of his mother, he vows to avoid them at all costs. That becomes impossible when the former military pilot and FBI agent's first assignment with Deep Six East is to protect Prada D'Angelo, the Italian Ambassador of Women's Affairs to the U.S.

Straight off the runways of Milan, the gorgeous former model and TV star turned politician has accumulated a string of enemies which includes politicians, a billionaire media mogul and even a prince. Her father wants her protected, but Prada tells him right away she is not going to let him, or idle threats, slow her down. Dante quickly sees she isn't going to let the threats shut her beautiful mouth either and before he knows it, he is working double time to keep her safe while his team figures out who wants her kidnapped or dead.

A trip to Italy may give Dante the answers he seeks, but it will also bring Prada face-to-angelic-face with her enemies. Can he keep her safe in the most romantic, but dangerous, place in the world? Or will the magic of amore distract him and get them both killed?

January 22
Becky McGraw
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

The Meatball and The Model

What do you get when you combined a former military pilot turned security specialist and an ex fashion model turned Italian Ambassador to Women’s Affairs in the US.....FIREWORKS💥. Dante joins the East Coast Security team and receives his first assignment, bodyguard to Prada. Prada, former fashion model and actress, has been receiving threats after pressing charges against a former employer for sexual harassment. Not really believing the threats are valid, Prada is enraged when her best friend/assistant contacts her father concerning the threats. Her father then hires Deep Six Security. Although Prada “fires” Dante several times, it’s not until after a fake bomb is sent to her office, that she believes the threats may be valid. Plus, Dante is HOT! So Prada reluctantly accepts Dante as her bodyguard.

Dante attracts trouble and Italian women like a magnet. While he’s reluctant to guard Prada, he doesn’t want to disappoint his new teammates. So he accepts the job. Although Dante thinks Prada is the most infuriating woman he’s ever met, he also believes Prada is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. He even starts to believe that she could be “the one”.

What a great start to a new series! I enjoyed how easily Prada could get under Dante’s skin. I thought her term of endearment for Dante was absolutely adorable-“meatball”. Dante talking to his deceased grandma, making wishes at the Trevi Fountain, and the gold hot pants made the story more realistic and entertaining. The suspense, twists and turns, and mafioso had me reading the book in one sitting. Loved it! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Jen G F ,

Heart Burn

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Heart Burn is book 1 in the Deep Six East series and a spin-off of Deep Six Security by Becky McGraw. Wish I could give more stars...amazing book and a great start to this new series!!

Dante Girabaldi a sexy, hot blooded American/Italian, former military pilot, FBI agent and now part of the Deep Six East security. His first assignment is to protect the Italian Ambassador of Women’s Affairs to the US, Prada D’Angelo. It seems he is destined to have heart burn..Italian food or Italian women!

Prada D’Angelo a former model, Italian TV Star and now a politician for women’s right in Italy is getting threats from the enemies she made in her native county of Italy while in the US and her father has hired the Deep Six East to protect her.

When Dante and Prada meet the fireworks ignite, tempers explode, stubborn wills combust no matter where they are...but when they head back to Italy can they keep their heads in the game and annihilate the threats or will being in Rome the city of love keep them off balance?

Suspense, danger, steamy, twists, turns, blackmail and edge of your seat are just some of the things that will keep you reading til the last page...

threers ,

Explosive first is the Deep Six spin-off

HELLO Dante!!! It is so good to see you again. Oh My how I loved drooling over Dante in this first in a new series. What a wonderful way for the author to start a spin-off series of Deep Six Security. I fell in love with him in Gray Matters, Deep Six Security book 5. Payback is beautiful for what he did to Grayson.

For those who aren't familiar with this mega drool worthy hunk, he is an ex army pilot and Army Ranger. He has just lost his job with the FBI thanks to what happened in Gray Matter. Deep Six is his last chance at civilian life and he is about to risk everything.

The Italian Stallion has just been assigned to protect the one Italian women that is more stubborn than his sister Micki. Prada is in the US as an Italian Ambassador, far from home her life is threatened. She refused to believe the evidence. She refuses the protection. She will stop at nothing to get away but she can't run away from her heart. Denial. Denial. Denial.

She is soon back home with a protection detail and investigators. Her problems started in Italy. She back in Italy to end them. She has solutions. She has a goal. She is clueless to reality. Making it worse; she doesn't share her thoughts. Stubbornness can get her and the team killed.

What happens when greed, the mafia and a determined female cross paths? You have an exciting thriller. Suspense riddles the pages. Bullets fly. High speed driving will have you wishing you had your seatbelt on or a barf bag close by. Hearts break. And all of this excitement is packed into Heartburn.

I am off to find some Tiramisu to help settle my shaken nerves.

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