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One will betray her. One will save her. One will destroy her world.

The Selection meets Twilight in this new paranormal dystopia.

Do the work, steal the goods, keep her sister alive―a simple plan Lanni has been clinging to. With the city burning around her and vampires hiding in the shadows, making it until morning is the best she can hope for.

But order in the city is crumbling, and the thin safety that’s kept Lanni alive won’t be enough to protect her family. The people who live in the glittering glass domes―lording over the city, safe from the dangers of the outside world―have grown tired of the factory filth marring their perfect apocalypse.

When the new reign of chaos threatens her sister, Lanni faces a horrible choice―accept the fate she was born to, or join the enemy she’s sworn to destroy.

Young Adult
January 28
Ink Worlds Press
Megan O'Russell

Customer Reviews

ByFelicia ,

Great apocalyptic dystopian read!

So I took a chance on this book at the recommendation of my bookie friend and I am glad I did.

Lannie and her kid sister Mari are trying to survive in a very possible apocalyptic future. With the exception of vampires of course. But even then, it’s not your usual vampire creation origin so you’re left to wonder. With the progression of science and technology, who even knows anymore. I had a bit of a Divergent/Hunger Games feel while reading it. What with the Domes separating the elite from the dregs in the outside cities. The dregs all having a specific purpose in providing for the elite. A rebellion brewing in the background. I’m curious to find out Lannie and Mari’s true purpose. Who their allies are and who their enemies will be. When will we find out the mystery narrator that waits in the embers?

This book is full of action and suspense. The world building is dark and gritty details but not overwhelming. I really enjoyed this starter and I’m looking forward to continuing with the series.

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