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On a fateful wintry night, things aren’t merry and bright…until a hero comes along.

Once an incurable romantic, Ivy Parker knows it's all a fairytale after being burned too many times before. After all, every man in her life has failed her. The jilted bridal shop owner is resigned to spending Christmas alone.

But when a dangerous fire leaves her without a place to live, everything changes for Ivy. Suddenly a gorgeous, silver-eyed hero comes along and restores her faith in men. Living in close quarters with her strong protector, she can't deny her desire for him.  

Brilliant inventor Stone Tremayne avoids the public eye. He leaves the spotlight for his fame hungry movie star twin. Working straight through Christmas is all that is on Stone’s holiday list. But on his first meet-up date with Ivy, his anonymity is destroyed when he rescues her from a blazing fire. The fire isn't all that heats up this holiday season as Stone is captivated by Ivy’s radiant beauty and innate kindness.

But can two shattered souls find the magic of Christmas before the New Year brings another crushing heartbreak?

October 20
Victoria Koch
Victoria Koch

Customer Reviews

Susan_the_Great ,

Fast reader

The dialog was stilted and the plot predictable.

Moohnshine ,

A beautiful and sweet story

Ivy Parker is nervous.  Why did she ever agree to go on a date with someone she met on an internet dating site.  What was she thinking?  Ever since she split with Damien her trust in men has been zero.  His deception hurt her bad.  But she can't back out of the date now.  

Stone Tremayne has been hurt bad.  But he is ready to put himself out there again.  But he has a hard time not being mistaken for his movie star twin.  He avoids anything to do with his twin brother.  Preferring to stay out the spotlight.  But when his date goes terribly wrong, the spotlight is where he ends up.  

After being saved from a fire by her date, Ivy hatches a plan to help him avoid the spotlight.  But when fake blurs into reality, she may just end up hurting her heart in the end.  

This a sweet holiday adventure.  I enjoyed the story immensely.  Even though this is book 6 in  the series, I was able to read it as a standalone.  I do wish though that I had read the book before this one, but it was not a must.  I really think I would have enjoyed Ivy's sister Evie's story as well.

The characters in this story were so sweet.  Ivy tries to see the best in everyone.  She puts her heart out there and tries to make things better for others.  Stone is your classic sexy as sin hero.  He is rich but doesn't flaunt it.  He has a heart of gold and is not afraid to use it.  He is sweet, caring, sexy and brooding.  Together these may just heal their shattered souls.  

I love Sophia Knightly books.  I have read a couple of her books and always end each book with a light heart.  Each story has heartache, yet the characters overcome their trouble to move on in life with a healed heart.  Such sweet tales they each are.  She has a beautiful way of telling these stories that will bring a tear to your eye and fill you with joy and hope.  

Overall this book is all the things that I have come to expect from Sophia.  It has heartbreak, healing souls and finding love.  It brought me sadness and joy.  I fell hard for these two characters and the journey they took to falling in love.  It was a sweet and amazing read.  Perfect for the holidays.  A Hallmark movie moment.  

I highly suggest this wonderful holiday read to all you romantics out there.  You will fall in love and your hearts will fill with joy.  So get out your warm and fuzzy slippers, bundle up on the couch with your hot cocoa and enjoy this sweet and wonderful book.  You will be glad you did.

*ARC provided by Sophia Knightly

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