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Creating dream homes,

That’s what I do.

As the country’s #1 home renovator,

I'm in high demand. 


And when I encounter, April,

I know something’s off,

Nobody wants that crap property,

Unless they’re looking for something more,

Something free.


And I refuse to get burned again.

It's happened one time too many.


But something about her,

The way she gives,

Devotes everything to everyone else,

Makes me second-guess myself.


After one touch, I’m sold,

Ready to build something, 

With her,

For us,


Each book in this small-town hot romance series can be read as a standalone, but for a richer reading experience, the following order is recommended:

Heartbreaker - April & Elias

Troublemaker – Rachael & Kyle

Mastermind – Harlow & Duke

Hothead – Baylee & Smith

This just in…

Sun Entertainment

Renovation TV heartthrob Elias Holt has been spotted at the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina, accompanied by his sister, Belinda Holt. Is the SoCal heartbreaker switching coasts?

Rocket News

Sources report that TV’s renovation sensation Elias Holt is scouting wedding venues. His sister, Belinda Holt, was overheard inquiring about large event centers. Could the sexiest man in America be off the market? Sorry, ladies!

Hot Entertainment

An unknown woman was seen with Facelift Reno’s star Elias Holt during a heated argument at Pots of Posies, a Treemont, North Carolina florist. Could this be his new love interest? Is there trouble in paradise? Is the wedding off?

Real Source News

Real Source News can confirm that Elias Holt, star of Facelift Reno, has been in North Carolina to book an event center for his sister’s wedding to Wes Matthews, a United States Marine. 

April White of White’s Manor Event Center has been hired as the wedding planner. A collective sigh of relief can be heard from women everywhere. Elias Holt is still on the market.

Sun Entertainment

Elias Holt was seen with wedding planner April White at Sixth Street Diner in Treemont, NC. Our source reports that Mr. Holt and Ms. White were holding hands as they entered and appeared to be more than acquaintances. Is Elias helping April with more than just wedding preparations? Watch out, Ms. White. Elias Holt is known as a consummate heartbreaker.

Hot Entertainment

Is Elias Holt from Renovation TV going into the wedding planning business? As seen in these photos, it would appear that Mr. Holt is swapping his hammer and nails for tulle and twinkle lights. 

The renovated stable where the wedding reception will be held is at the 100-year-old White’s Manor. The Manor is currently under extensive renovation by new owners and business partners, April White and Rachael Hart. 

According to, the Manor will offer a multitude of event packages when it opens later this year.

Real Source News

Real Source News acquired this footage of a steaming-hot kiss between Facelift Reno star Elias Holt and his wedding planner, April White, at a North Carolina flea market from a passing visitor. “We were walking to our car and there they were, suckin’ face. I grabbed my phone and started recording.” 

Are things strictly platonic, as Mr. Holt’s publicist claims? 

Each book in this steamy hot romantic series can be read as a standalone, but for a richer reading experience, the following order is recommended:

Heartbreaker - April & Elias

Troublemaker – Rachael & Kyle

Mastermind – Duke & Harlow

Hothead – Baylee & Smith

May 1
Lizabeth Scott
Lizabeth Scott

Customer Reviews

fan girl for books ,


Loved it. The ending seemed ever so slightly rushed, but I enjoyed the story immensely. The characters are relatable, you want to root for them, and some are downright hysterical.

stajoe90 ,

True tittle

I was reading it thinking I’ve read this book before and realized not book but movie in a way but so much better . It was realistic not something that couldn’t actually happen. Can’t wait to read the whole series.

rjbor ,


Could not put it down.

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