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He’s the party animal who’s hiding a wounded soul.

She’s the sweet, awkward girl concealing her feelings.

Their friendship means everything... until the night they set it on fire.

Heartland is a stand-alone novel in the True North world. Expect: cute goats, college parties, caramels, a hot, broody farm boy and a broken girl who can’t stop loving him.


“One of my favorites! This book has it all. Feels, check! Steam, check!. Characters you will love! Don't miss Heartland, it's so, so good!” New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan


“The perfect combination of sweet and dirty.” New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting

January 28
Tuxbury Publishing LLC
Tuxbury Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

SamSam2r ,

I Love Dylan, the Shipleys and this series

Another terrific book in my favorite Sarina Bowen series. This crew in Vermont I’d always a treat to return to. I wasn’t sure that Dylan could compete with my favorite guys from this series Zach and Griff, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. He’s definitely a new favorite! This was a great friends to lovers, slower building romance. As is common from this author, we got some terrific new side characters to fall in love with too. Everything about this read just left me feeling happy. This is a great book I highly recommend it.

Blues Girl 94 ,

Love love love

I loved this addition to the True North series. If you like friends to lovers then you will like this book. Dylan and Chastity are friends who spent time as neighbors. Both grew up differently with Chastity growing up differently than most. They attend the same college with Dylan dating Chastity’s roommate. Dylan friend zones Chastity and tutors her in algebra. Things change however when they begin having feelings for each other and Dylan calls things off with his girlfriend. He wants to see where things could go with Chastity. There are secondary characters who really help bring this story together. I hope it’s not the last we see of them. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite troupes so if you like them too then read this book. If not for that just look at the hunk on the cover. 😉

michellecarl ,

It was just heat and patience. Those were the only ingredients.

I work at a theme park and one of our units serves an apple snack. It’s delicious and smells wonderful and every single time I look at one of those bushels of apples I think of two things: the lyrics of A Bushel and A Peck and... Shipley Farms. When I say this series has worked it’s way into my heart and will never leave, I’m not kidding. It’s so firmly in there I look at real apples and think of a fictional apple orchard. But I am absolutely okay with that because book after book, Sarina Bowen continues to remind me why this series is my favorite romance series. The Shipleys are all amazing characters and Dylan is no exception.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first when I found out this was Dylan’s book. From other characters’ points of view, he wasn’t the most interesting of characters to me, probably because when we first met him in the early books, he was so young and oftentimes a little annoying for my taste. But in Heartland, we got a look inside his head and everything changed. I am a convert, I am in love with Dylan too.

And funny enough, I didn’t love Chastity either when we first met her in Zach’s book. But in true Sarina fashion, it didn’t take long before I was feeling compassion and sympathy, but most of all, true affection for her. She’s such a fascinating character and despite already knowing some of her backstory, discovering all the details didn’t make me feel sad for her, but instead made me believe in her and root for her even harder. Because on the surface, Chastity might be the innocent, awkward girl, but underneath that she’s one of the strongest fighters in the whole True North series and I love her for it.

But I also completely loved them as a couple. The whole “innocent virgin falls for hunky dude who sleeps around” isn’t a new story. It’s been told time and time again, but Heartland breathes new life into a well used trope. Chastity may have been a virgin that only recently escaped a crazy religious cult, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have her own set of needs and desires. She was naive, but she wasn’t dumb and she fought for who and what she wanted and this dynamic made their relationship burn red hot in my eyes.

As with all of the True North series, the setting is a character all on its own and I love that just as much as I love Dylan and Chastity. The story of Dylan and Chastity making goat milk caramels is peak Vermont and I was absolutely here for it. Whether it’s cider or apples or anything Audrey’s made, I want to taste it and experience it, and these caramels were no exception. I loved the thought and knowledge that went in to describing the process and how much of that was relatable to the growth and development of the characters themselves. And the inclusion of this excellent reason for Dylan and Chastity to regularly go back to Tuxbury also led to one of my favorite parts of this book: seeing the arguments between Dylan and Griffin from Dylan’s point of view. Their battle of wills has always been interesting to me, but has also made me not fond of Dylan. Getting to see where Dylan’s coming from and his emotional baggage surrounding the death of their father was eye opening to his character and their family dynamics. It was just one more way Sarina worked her magic in making each book expand on the world of Tuxbury in a way that leaves you desperate for more.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thought and opinions are my own.

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