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He’s the party animal who’s hiding a wounded soul.

She’s the sweet, awkward girl concealing her feelings.

Their friendship means everything... until the night they set it on fire.

Heartland is a stand-alone novel in the True North world. Expect: cute goats, college parties, caramels, a hot, broody farm boy and a broken girl who can’t stop loving him.


“One of my favorites! This book has it all. Feels, check! Steam, check!. Characters you will love! Don't miss Heartland, it's so, so good!” New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan


“The perfect combination of sweet and dirty.” New York Times bestselling author Helena Hunting

January 28
Tuxbury Publishing LLC
Tuxbury Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

cullencutie2 ,

Sweet as Caramels

I am a devout lover of book series and Sarina Bowen's True North series is my type of kryptonite. I just love book series that involve a whole bunch of different interconnected characters. And the Shipley family is one such story that grabs you and keeps you entertained throughout the different stories.

Readers of the True North series have been introduced to younger brother Dylan Shipley several times throughout the series. Heartland is Dylan's story. Mix in characters who's origins stem from Sarina's Goodbye Paradise story, and you have a thrilling new story.

Dylan is now an adult and off at college, away from the Shipley farm. Well, not entirely away seeing that he's within driving distance and able to come running when his help is needed. He's also the (unknowingly) crush of his friend and neighbor Chastity. Chastity is the "cousin" of the family living on the farm next door to the Shipleys - a recent transplant who escaped from the polygamist cult she had been raised in back in Wyoming. Chastity is quickly learning the ways of the world - broadening her horizons now that she's living amongst real people and experiencing life out from under the tight constraints of the cult she was brought up in.

This story has several interconnecting stories laced within it. You have the Shipley family dynamic - how Dylan and his older brother Griff work and communicate with one another. There is Dylan's guilt and resentment he is still dealing with since the death of his father years before. And then there is Chastity and her adapting to a new lifestyle while still struggling with the guilt she is feeling due to facing her desires and how they conflict with the message of the cult and the brainwashing she was subjected to while growing up.

There is also a romance story line. It wouldn't be a Sarina novel if there wasn't a love story intermingled within. And this one is hot and steamy. This can be read as a standalone...but there is just so much extra if you happen to read the other books in the series.

SamSam2r ,

I Love Dylan, the Shipleys and this series

Another terrific book in my favorite Sarina Bowen series. This crew in Vermont I’d always a treat to return to. I wasn’t sure that Dylan could compete with my favorite guys from this series Zach and Griff, but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. He’s definitely a new favorite! This was a great friends to lovers, slower building romance. As is common from this author, we got some terrific new side characters to fall in love with too. Everything about this read just left me feeling happy. This is a great book I highly recommend it.

Blues Girl 94 ,

Love love love

I loved this addition to the True North series. If you like friends to lovers then you will like this book. Dylan and Chastity are friends who spent time as neighbors. Both grew up differently with Chastity growing up differently than most. They attend the same college with Dylan dating Chastity’s roommate. Dylan friend zones Chastity and tutors her in algebra. Things change however when they begin having feelings for each other and Dylan calls things off with his girlfriend. He wants to see where things could go with Chastity. There are secondary characters who really help bring this story together. I hope it’s not the last we see of them. Friends to lovers is one of my favorite troupes so if you like them too then read this book. If not for that just look at the hunk on the cover. 😉

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