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Get ready to swoon! New York Times bestselling author Sophia Knightly brings you five alpha heartthrob billionaires guaranteed to heat your blood and melt your heart.

HEART RAIDER - Nick & Veronique's story

After a raging media storm nearly destroys him, financial whiz Nick Cameron finds himself isolated and laying low on a barrier island off the Florida coast, far away from the reporters and scandals that threaten him.

But when little Ronnie Whitcomb shows up on his doorstep, all grown up and breathtakingly beautiful, he tries to deny his feelings for her. A hurricane strands them on the paradise island together, and suddenly, keeping Ronnie at arm's length becomes almost impossible.

But daredevil TV reporter Veronique has an agenda of her own -- an agenda that could get her killed. Ronnie knows there's more to Nick than the juicy scandal he's embroiled in, and she is determined to get the exclusive interview with him that will expose the real criminal. Whether Nick likes it or not, she refuses to sit by while the world slanders the most honorable and decent man she's ever known...and loved. Will a love so hot endure the scorching pressure?

HEART MELTER - Ian & Natasha's story

Dr. Ian MacGregor knows better than to get involved with Natasha White. The tempting heartbreaker has a way of getting under his skin, but he couldn't live with himself if anything happened to her.

Sweeping her away to his Highland castle, Ian becomes her fiercest protector, vowing to safeguard her against the mob who will stop at nothing to eliminate her.

As passion intensifies between them, Ian and Natasha must face their darkest secrets, secrets that bring them closer, but may threaten their newfound intimacy. Natasha is hiding more than Ian realized.

But he has secrets of his own...

HEART TAMER - Alec & Kate's story

Alec MacLeod is shocked to find Kate Hayes at his sister's wedding, but damn he's missed her. His ex-wife's unforeseen arrival in Scotland makes him suspect she's up to something. There was a reason they parted the first time and Alec is determined not to get pulled in, but seeing her again ignites a desire so intense, he's tempted.

Kate wants something so desperately, she's willing to swallow her pride and plead with her formidable ex-husband for help. With time running out, she must convince the dominant Highlander to agree with her unusual request.

They need each other more than they know, but can they put past hurt behind them, even if it could change everything in their world as they know it?

In this fiery battle of love, whose heart will be tamed?

HEART HUNTER - Cameron & Evie's story

Infamous UK celebrity playboy, Cameron "Heartbreak" Hunter is everything bridal fashion designer, Evangeline Parks knows she should avoid. However, when fate intervenes and the gorgeous whisky tycoon is her mystery date for her best friend Kate's wedding in Scotland, Evie won't relent to his charm. Smart enough to know that a man like Cameron only brings heartache and tears, she's determined to avoid becoming another notch on his belt--no matter how incredibly attracted to him she is.

Cameron Hunter has never encountered a woman who dismisses him upon sight--until he meets Evie. The more the opinionated beauty avoids him, the more desirable he finds her. But when Cameron's hidden past is discovered, obstacles pile up as he sets out to win Evie.

HEART TEMPTER - Leo & Teddy's story

Leo is a hardworking, no-nonsense boss.

Teddy is a fun-loving, carefree heiress.

Sparks will fly when they face off in a luxurious resort.

The exotic handsome Spanish tycoon Leo Guerra has no intention of coddling the boss' spoiled daughter in spite of his weakness for leggy blondes. Despite her best intentions, where Teddy Behr goes, trouble follows. Will mayhem, murder, and a Heart Tempter like Teddy jeopardize everything he's worked for?

**Look for HEART STEALER, Book 6

September 13
Victoria Koch
Victoria Koch

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