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The Eagles are the bestselling, and arguably the tightest-lipped, American group ever. Now band member and guitarist Don Felder finally breaks the Eagles’ years of public silence to take fans behind the scenes. He shares every part of the band’s wild ride, from the pressure-packed recording studios and trashed hotel rooms to the tension-filled courtrooms, and from the joy of writing powerful new songs to the magic of performing in huge arenas packed with roaring fans.

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May 4
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Customer Reviews

Mike24315 ,

Excellent behind the scenes of a rock star

Great book detailing the behind the scenes of a classic rock group. The highs and lows and really lows. Interesting to see the addiction to the lifestyle and fame even while Henley and Frey were treating him coldly in those later years.

jldjs ,

Heaven and Hell

Simply a great read. One of the most enjoyable books I've read. I recommend to others that they view the film History of the Eagles that was released on Showtime in 2013 as they read this book. It's available via You Tube. Seeing the band perform and visualizing the real people as you read Felder's characterizations made his story even more compelling, as well as balancing his side of this story. I have always enjoyed guitar music and players and Don Felder is by far one of the elite guitar musicians. I knew little of him or the Eagles before reading his book, but am now one of his admiring fans. He is truly an amazing talent.

Jazzy73 ,

Excellent Book

I am a fan of the Eagles. I wanted to know more about what really happened with this group and why original members left the band. Don did a extraordinary job on this book. I could hardly put the book down. I have a new found respect for him and what he went through with the Eagles. He is a great musical artist and in my opinion, the Eagles were the ones that really lost out when they let Don go. Randy Meisner was another that they should not have let go. He's a wonderful singer and really nice guy. Kudos to you Don for writing such a great and enlightening book.

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