Heavenly Bodies ~ Celestial Alignments*Feeling ~ Energy that Is LOVE in Itself

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Transcending Highest Bliss to Lowest Loss ~ Loving Is Love’s Higher Consciousness

This is in part a lesson of the journey from experiencing blissful Love, the deepest trust and respect in her eyes and smile ~ to it being taken away completely in sorrowful tragedy and given to another. It means losing everything that is wonderful in life that had the most meaning...the muse that lights up her glowing heart. Lessons in miscommunication, loss of the beloved, feelings of despair and Rejection!

The journey out of this darkness into light by accepting the essential changing within nature itself. Realising non/attachment, intrinsic flowing life energy, Love streaming consciousness ~ telepathy. The mantra of the book, "Queen of Space, King of Flower Power, Dripping rainbows" was Sharing ~ ‘The Greatest Pleasure Is to Give Pleasure;’ This book evolves to ‘Love is Inside ~ Each of us’
Love is ultimately not the ‘Love of the Object of Desires,’ but realising Love energy alive in us throughout this Quantum, infinite, perceptive, telepathic, Cosmic experience. Osho says, “It is not a question of being in Love with someone it’s about being Love.” Love doesn’t go into non-existence when s/he walks out the door in scornful anger with blame and determination.

That is Reality from where I see it, but I accept the Universe of Grace and stay Open hearted to Love. You really don’t exist in her Reality anymore. Standing next to her she’s completely unaware you’re there and doesn’t really care your heart is beating; ‘Boom, boom, boom!’ What are you doing, does anyone know and can they please enlighten me why; Love changes to denial? Each one is their own Cosmic soul and we were fulfilled in each other’s groove ~ grooving in magical bliss. Now you’ve no feeling to even give me a kiss. I cannot get over this change of feelings from her, why? It’s True!

Watch the mind, keep some level of Awareness of our responses, still be Kind, Sensitive, be a lovely friend, a Human being of the Universal Spirit, of the Feelings of a Muse’s Heart. Do you realise what you’re doing? Course you don’t you’re just loving for ego’s infatuation! Keep some Space, Conscious equilibrium going through another sad, disappointing and shocking realisation of the loss of a LOVER She’s really let you go and she’s never comin’ back mate. That’s f... impossible for my Mind to grasp! There’s No choice but to surrender your heart and spirit, to transcend this super emotional attachment; Throwing delusion in the Ocean to Survive! Swim for your Life, for your sanity of identity. Not guilty there is no guilt in Love ~ your meaning of existence, Cosmic heartbeats and Love Itself fills us up.

You suffered too. You did share our ecstatic love. You’re being human. I am not blaming you. The Love is inside us. You’re the Love. We are all free Love Consciousness. Here & Now in TimeSpace. Spiritual beyond the form, the Mind, duality. ‘Hatred cannot cease by hate, only by Love and True forgiveness.’ Love has no duality ~ let Mind’s objects go, be the Observer in the flow. Know the illusion, be happy. Stop thinking, allow feelings in the heart to transcend the terrible sense of losing Love when it is in us! Love & let live. Iit’s that simple. Life force experiencing itself. The Universe Loves us Unconditionally.

These books read like a diary of events in Sunny Jetsun’s life and are shared openly with the sense of wonder and understanding and his inspired ~ Stream of Consciousness. There’s still the Epic, Mystic, Psychedelic, Dharmic, Surreal, Mythical, Supernatural, Buddhist, Poetic, Cosmic Multi*dimensions*.

Fiction & Literature
July 30
Sunny Jetsun
Draft2Digital, LLC

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