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PJ Santini Series Book Two              

Approx 200 pgs

"The heroine, PJ Santini, is the lovechild of Janet Evanovich and Elmore Leonard." (Toronto Star)

In this sequel to Hell On Heels, PJ Santini uncovers the shocking truth about her late husband, a secret that places her in grave danger. Danger of death by fettuccini Alfredo, danger of placing her trust in the wrong man, danger of an actual terrifying end to her life. Fortunately, she's armed with a good family, decent common sense, and a spectacular set of 38 DD's.

She'll need all three. The man she secretly loves is about to make a declaration that will take her breath away, and damn near make the red garters pop off her corset.

This is blistering summertime in Buffalo, NY, scene of the crime - and love is always a crime. PJ Santini, thirty-something and trying not to think about it, is a TV news reporter and marginally successful private eye, on a wild ride between men, her certifiable Sicilian family, and insufficient funds notices. 

Fiercely protective Tango Daly is her mysterious, tanned, toned private detective boss, a martial artist with a para-military past tucked lustily into seductive slacks and silk shirts. PJ and Daly play exhilarating mind games when her stilettos get caught in the thick carpet of his office. Upstairs, the place is equipped with more electronics than Cheyenne Mountain... and a bed with silky sheets, a wine cooler, and caviar. 

Then there's Johnny Renza, darkly handsome in his trademark cream linen suit. The first boy she ever loved... over and over. Now he's a competitive crime reporter who gets away with plenty, because he still knows how to hotwire her with fattening food and trips down memory lane.

Her BFF, Vicky Balducci, is seriously involved with the mob and PJ's cousin Sandro, the guy with the shiniest suits in the family. Vicky has had to find an unusual outlet for her relationship stress. 

PJ Santini lives in an uncharted corner of author Lynne Russell's brain. When PJ spends long, boring hours stuck in a car on a surveillance job, she amuses herself by counting all the places on her body where she can stash her gun - she's up to twelve, now - and she wishes to thank Lynne for the idea. It helps to make up for the indignity of having to pee into a one-pound coffee can. 

Lynne Russell anchored CNN and CNN Headline News from 1983 to 2001, the first woman to solo anchor a network nightly newscast. Her long-standing dedication to the people's right to know was recognized in The New York Times, which called her a "just-the-facts stalwart of CNN Headline News". The Times also called her a news anchor with the personality of a professional wrestler, which she took as a compliment. In the Washington Jourrnalism Review, she won a spot as "Best in the Business". A private investigator and former Deputy Sheriff, Lynne now writes romantic crime novels. She and her husband split their time between Washington, D.C. and Italy.

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November 29
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Customer Reviews

kirchersmiles ,


HEELS OF FORTUNE: PJ Santini Series: Book Two by Lynne Russell

5 +++++++ Stars

I DID NOT WANT THIS BOOK TO END!! Seriously, I loved the first book and if it's possible I loved this one even more. I think being inside of P.J.’s mind is one of the most fascinating and completely hilarious places to be. Her thought process cracked me up in most cases and I want to be her friend and I also want to order one Tango Daly please…***sigh***

This book was awesome, had everything I love in a book all tied up in one complete package, twists and turns from every direction and if there is one negative I can mention its that there isn't another one waiting for me to jump into yet! :( Stalking has already begun and I will be first in line when she continues this story.

I love that she throws in just enough of a flashback here and there and doesn't spend too much time on it, its enough to give me what I crave and then transports me back to the present and I didn't forget where I was..Not sure if that made sense but its awesome.

The family aspect of this story is also a favorite of mine in any book and OMG Nonna...loved loved loved her! I also hope Vicky is even more involved in coming books, she added another layer to the story that was simply spot on!

I can't recommend reading this enough...I suppose you could read this as a stand alone although I can't imagine not having read the first before sinking into this one. This author has become an absolute must read for me and this series will remain a favorite and I already can't wait to reread. :)

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