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Helen James is riding home from school on her new bicycle with 3 friends, at the first roundabout they each go their separate way. Helen is heading for the last exit but before she reaches it a large van with the driver busy on his mobile phone enters the roundabout and crashes into Helen, even though she was wearing a High Visibility jacket. As she is thrown into the air she calls out "Hyming". How she really expects him to be there she didn't know but before she came crashing down in front of a car she is taken up into the sky, across the Milky Way and far, far away to the Imkoo galaxy. Unlike on Earth, where there are many banks, this galaxy has only one bank and one currency.
The bankers had got greedy and this was causing a financial meltdown. Helen knows how to look after her pocket money and how to earn extra by doing odd jobs for her mother or their neighbours but the banking systems are beyond her knowledge but the Visitants leader, Zacred said that as she was a 'Good' she would be able to sort out the problem. With Hyming wrapped around her Helen visited the Bankers and many planets. With just a thin film of Hyming around her it protected her from the environment and enabled her to communicate with the various beings she encountered.
If Helen could not bring the banking system back many of the star systems and planets would perish.

Fiction & Literature
November 24
J.J. Maxwell
Smashwords, Inc.

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