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This is the second story of Helen James adventures across the universe for Helen is a ‘Good’.
It had been six months since her first contact with the ‘Visitants’ and she was beginning to doubt if her trip to the Yunkery Star System had really happened.
It was days like today that Helen wished she was back with the ‘Visitants’. It had been a hard day at school, it was exam time and tonight she would have to revise for the exams tomorrow.
Helen and her best friend Joan caught the bus home but Helen got off two stops before Joan. As they neared Helen’s stop, she headed towards the stairs. At the top step Helen waved goodbye to Joan. Helen started down the stairs ready to get off the bus.
All of a sudden Helen was surrounded by a blue haze. Hyming had returned for her. How he got her out of the bus while it was still moving and the door were closed, she had no idea but before she realised what was happening she was streaking across the Milky Way.
Within seconds they were on the far side of the Universe at the Cytadul Galaxy and headed towards the Ritepryde Star System. The three inhabited planets were in dispute about the meaning of ‘Peace’.
How can there be more than one ‘Peace’? Helen was to find out that, like many words, Peace has many meanings and it depends on your interpretation what it actually means to you.
While Helen was worrying about getting back to her school bus before it reached her stop, it suddenly came to her that unless she solved this problem there would be no bus, no home and no Earth for her to return to.
She had to solve this dispute before the Universe was destroyed as one of the planets held the universe in place. If it was destroyed every galaxy and star system would be dragged into the void that this planet would leave.

Fiction & Literature
July 17
J.J. Maxwell
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