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This is the first story about the adventures undertaken by 7 year old Helen James.
Far across space the ‘Visitants’ are patrolling the universe searching out Galaxies, Star Systems or Planets that are on the verge of destruction. The ‘Visitants’ are a blue haze and they are not able to intervene and put things right but they have recruited 5 ‘Goods’, from across the universe.
Each of the ‘Goods’ has a unique goodness and this enables them to put things right. When the needs be the ‘Visitants’ send one of their family to collect the most suitable ‘Good’ for this task.
Unlike the ‘Visitants’ who live for ever, the ‘Goods’ live only for as long as is the norm for their home planet and when, after 200 years, Tyred, their most experienced ‘Good’ passed away they needed to find a replacement.
A search of the whole universe was carried out by 4 of the experienced ‘Visitants’ who brought back a list each with 6 names. From these 24 names only three names were brought forward to the selection panel - Josp from the Whirlwind Galaxy, Veist from the Malin Galaxy and the youngest of them all, 7 year old Helen James from planet Earth, in the Milky Way Galaxy.
Helen had no idea that the future of her life was being decided far across the universe. It was only as she was sitting on the naughty step that she discovered her life was changing.
Hyming, the ‘Visitant’ assigned to transport Helen, wrapped himself around her and before she knew what was happening he had taken her out of her house, up into the sky and streaking across the Milky Way. In seconds the Milky Way was far behind them.
Helens biggest concern was not where she was being taken but that she would be in even bigger trouble if her mother discovered she was not sat on the naughty step. Hyming reassured Helen that he would have her back on the step before that happened.
Hyming returned to ‘The Visitants’ home cloud and presented Helen to Zacred, their leader and his father. It was now that Helen was told why she was there.
The problem in the Yunkery Star System was that the Yunkery Alliance were organising the bullying of one of the planets in the star system. Before an all out war started Helen had to stop the bullies and save millions of lives.
Hyming would take Helen wherever she needed to go and once she was there he would leave a thin film of himself around Helen. This allowed Helen to not only communicate with the beings she encountered but it protected her from their environment.
To Helen bullies are bullies. If you weaken their support and make those being bullied stronger you have your solution. The only trouble was that it may work in her classroom but across a Star System was a different matter.
When Helen arrived back home and Hyming placed her back on the Naughty Step, she had been away for less than a minute.

Fiction & Literature
July 17
J.J. Maxwell
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