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Nepheron is back, and forever, or as near as the head wizard of the nameless Order has managed to do so. And as always, he has worlds in peril filling his list, far too few wizards to apply to the task of saving worlds, and has assigned an unusual pair of wizards to save a world that is just emerging into the technological age. One of the wizards is more a witch, and the other one is not even a wizard. Both of them are young and each from worlds apart, in more ways than one. Broomsticks and machineguns collide with explosive results. These two young women of the Order must discover how a complex and technological world is going to end, and stop it before it does so. The young witch Helga, born to a feudal world, has never seen anything like this world they have been sent to, and she has never seen anyone like Beatrix. The host of difficulties in assimilating the various issues, and layers of evils, that fill this world, seem insurmountable to the young witch. The Order’s most unlikely of members, Beatrix, had never even thought of herself as being a fully functioning member of the Order, she has no magical powers, training in questing, or any inclination to be a questing wizard. And despite having had to manage the whole order for her friend Nepheron, during his sabbatical, she has doubts that she is able to help stop an apocalypse. Both will find out that evil comes in many flavours and most, if not all, of them are foul beyond their imaginations.

Eighth novel in the Small Powers saga

More of the Beatrix and Rock arc is in Three Horsewomen Of The Apocalypses (individually available as the single novels: -Ronaldo, Manuel and Bella- Bella- Stella, Olivia and Beatrix-), and can be read as prequels or as sequels/backstories for this novel.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 17
David Goeb
Smashwords, Inc.

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