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My personal hell was all wrapped up in a lustful package. A body created by God himself, made for the sole purpose of f*****g up my quiet and ordinary life.

Joshua Timbers has been hard since the moment he stepped foot on her job site. Throbbing, and about to lose his mind, he knows that his days of being a bachelor are over. His freedom and erections owned by one petite hellcat that he now has to call, Boss.

Beautiful, and with balls bigger than her entire crew, Janelle is accustomed to the leering looks of men. She's not looking for love, but can't deny the attraction when her newest hire mistakes her for the company's secretary.

He's cocky. She's stubborn.

In the end, who will bend to the others will.

October 23
Elena M. Reyes
Draft2Digital, LLC

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@LisaHines711 ,

Review: Hell

Hell by Elena M. Reyes is a steamy stand-alone romance novel told solely from the man's POV.

Joshua has had it rough and moves to get away and distance himself from his past. When he interviews at Walker COnstruction he mistakes Janelle for a secretary, later learning, to his chagrin, that she is his boss. The spark between these two characters is palpable and the book was a pleasant read. He's an alpha-male with a need to control but she is no wallflower to be dominated. She is sassy, tough and takes no crap from anyone. It's a struggle, at first, for them to admit their attraction and find a balance that works for them.

What didn't quite work for me was the sudden jump in time frame the book takes. I felt like I was missing something. Also, I have a love/hate relationship with epilogues. Sometimes they just seem trite, but I think I would have liked to have seen one here to have an idea of what comes next.

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