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Unis was the child that everyone loved. “That boy is so cute,” “Where did he get all that wavy hair from?” “You must have some Indian in your blood,” said all the women at the church. Unis was gifted and could sing like he was on an album by the time he was two. By the time he was five, he could set a church on fire as he sang and shouted like an old deacon. At this time, Zonita believed that God had released power upon her son, but she would be quickly discouraged when he would get home and carry on with his devilish ways. Years pass, and Unis grows into a teenager. He has a mouth that is very loose. He holds back nothing and has respect for no one. This will be the time when he finds out that he was deceived by his parents. All hell breaks loose, and he puts everyone around him through hell. He knows how to use his charm to get teachers, girlfriends, and anyone else on his side. He has a plan and doesn’t mind pulling others down to carry out the destruction of his mother. After he feels that he has done enough to his mother, he decides to leave her and make her hurt even more. He is not quite grown, but decides he was, as he goes to stay with some family members that lives in Mississippi. He convinces them that his mother never wanted him. Being that most of them were lying in wait of juicy gossip about his mother, they welcomed him with opened arms. Unis has perfected the art of lying. Lying was his life. Many years would pass, and after putting so many people through turmoil, Unis tries to turn his life around, but he can only see fire. He tries to move up, but gravity pulls him down. He then begins to realize that he has done so much wrong he was headed straight to hell. Can you imagine, finally deciding that you are ready to change for the better, but you have rehearsed being bad for so long you can’t push through the fire? When those around you kept trying to teach you that all that wrong would catch up with you, but you continued to go in the opposite direction? Unis was a lot like Zonita, only worse, being that he was born into a different time. Zonita had Big Belle, one of the last generations of women with faith of the unseen. Although she was rebellious, the Word of Life lived through Belle, helped her come to her senses. As you read this story, I want you to think about the condition of the mind. What is heaven, and what is hell? Are we all born into hell? Therefore, are we all hell-bound? This is a fiction story, and I’m just a writer with a philosophy about life. Please enjoy my sequel to I’d Rather Go to Hell Than the Heaven that You’re In.

Fiction & Literature
November 5
Page Publishing, Inc
Page Publishing Inc

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