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While Kim's new husband is at work, Kim is left alone to help the movers who are moving them into their new home. The three tall, muscular black men move boxes and furniture under her direction all day. Kim doesn't realize all three of them are checking out her curves in her short shorts and tank top.

The movers chat with her, coaxing her out of her shell. As the conversation turns more sexual, Kim admits that she's not fully satisfied by her husband - and that she's never been with a black man.

WARNING: This 5500+ word story contains mature subject matter. If you would be offended by a rough four-way black-on-white g******g including interracial double and triple penetration, impregnation, and cuckolding, this story is definitely not for you!


"Get this slut naked," David said.

Without waiting for me to agree, they lifted me as easily as they had lifted the boxes they had been unpacking earlier. I didn't know which of their hands were the ones to pull my shorts down my body, or whose was the first to explore my neatly trimmed pussy until Tyrone spoke.

"Wet and ready," he commented.

"Of course," David said. "How tight is that ho's pussy?"

My bound hands shook as Tyrone's finger probed inside of me.

"Really tight," he said. He didn't stop after finding this out, but kept playing with me until I moaned again and again.

Sean laughed loudly. "It won't be so tight after we're done with her."

"Neither will her other holes," Tyrone said.

I looked from one of them to the next. None of them was even looking at me, just at my t**s and pussy. They were going to use me however they wanted. Somehow, though, that only turned me on more.

Fiction & Literature
February 18
Roxanne Sweet
Draft2Digital, LLC

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