Publisher Description

From paranormal romance author, Mason Sabre, comes story of love and heatbreak.

Deeply in love with his wife, Henry Thompson couldn't be happier. They have everything they need. 

Life, as they say, is perfect.

Except darkness lurks in the shadows of Northern England, and Henry's life and heart are torn apart one evening. Heartbroken and driven by rage, Henry turns himself, becoming vampire and seeking out vengeance on those who have harmed him.

But not even death can break the love he has with his wife ... his soul mate .. his everything. He will do anything for her; no matter the cost. 

True love is eternal. 

Please note, this is a Sabre Short

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 15
Mason Sabre
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Corvette G ,

Love Henry!!

This is a must read for all Society Series fans!!! We find out how much he loves his wife and why he's a unique vampire. Makes him that much more special. Henry is the founder of the series according to the author (still trying to puzzle that out). This short story has so much information! I adored Henry in DEATH AWAKENING and SERAPH, but now I love him!! Henry has so much passion!! Can hardly wait to see what he does next!!

Lindaooops ,

Purely Incredible...

Every word was felt.. Every wail squeezed at my heart.. Every tear shed ripped me to pieces. Henry's story will always be see his past, is to understand the road he took. If you have never read a Mason Sabre book, read this one and get a taste of writing that will grab you and never let you go.

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