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She dreamed of being free to make her own decisions. When it comes to a mate, why must she pick just one?

Haven colony has everything a newly freed cyborg could hope for. After a life of violence and forced obedience, Shadow can finally make her own choices. But freedom comes with its own challenges – and hers includes a pair of sexy as fraxx aliens who both lay claim to her heart.

He wants her – but it's complicated…

After a tragedy, Denz needs a change. Haven offers him a new life, a chance to finish the work his friend started, and enough work to keep him from thinking about everything he lost… until Shadow arrives at Haven. She's everything he's ever wanted – smart, sassy, and heartbreakingly beautiful. There's just one problem. She's not the assassin who murdered his best friend, but she wears the same face.

He lost his anrik and any chance of a mate long ago…

Kade is close to having it all. One last debt to pay off, and all his mistakes will be behind him. He just has to live with the mistakes of his dead anrik... the one that condemned him to a lifetime alone. Everything changes when he sets down in a backwater colony and catches wind of the impossible – the mate he wasn't supposed to have.

When trouble comes to Haven, all three will have to make a choice – protect their hearts, or protect each other, no matter what the cost…

November 17
Black Scroll Publications Ltd.
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

An exciting beginning!

A richly told story of a safe Haven for Vardarians and Cyborgs in the Drift. Shadow is attracted to Denz; Kade discovers Shadow is the mate fated for him. You’ll have to read to discover how this threesome sorts things out. Just let me say that Kade has some impulse control issues that led him to make some unwise decisions. This is so exciting! Some hot romance, emotional healing, adventure (it’s risky business), and a soul-satisfying outcome. I love it!

Contessajj ,

Loved this cool sci-fi world

Starting a new series is hard, but this one builds on the much loved Drift world. The writing brings you into each scene and the overall landscape comes alive. When I was reading this book I was totally entranced. One of my favorite characters (Phaedra) shows up to bring her witty banter and Denz has been floating in and out of the Drift in other books. But the new colony of Haven is filled with outcasts. The freed cyborgs are finding their new normal, and Shadow is also trying to reinvent herself. Denz is trying to guide the integration of the cyborgs, Vardarians, and even planning to bring in some humans to this new society. Kade is disillusioned with the politics and “cast” system of his home planet, so he became a trader. The way this trio comes together is cool and angsty and filled with potholes they have to cross, and we get to go with them. With just enough action, adventure, and some hot sexy times this is a sci-fi romance must read.

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