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Friends. Kill. Friends. 

Two eighteen-year-old women went out for a night of cruising and partying in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Only one would return.

Now, police have to find a killer who was willing and able to beat and strangle one of the women to death with bare hands and a leather belt.

What happened to the woman who made it home? 

Murder is no stranger to Saskatoon. One of the dead woman's friends called it a "thug town." 

Still, Her Best Friend's Killer is a shocking true crime story of murder and mystery that stunned this blue-collar Canadian community. 

It's the story of one young woman who dreamed of turning her life around; finishing school, going to university and starting her own business. It's also the story of her best friend who self-medicated with alcohol and drugs to cope with years of abuse.

Her Best Friend's Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story is also the tale of the families who were left behind by this shocking true crime thriller.

And there is also the story of the homicide detectives of Saskatoon who were unable bring the killer to trial until shame, guilt and finally, remorse got the better of the murderer.

Her Best Friend's Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story will show you just how easy it is to cross that line between guilt and innocence, and then how hard it is to shoulder the burden of knowing you've committed a truly heinous crime.

In the end, Her Best Friend's Killer also shows what any of us could do if we are pushed too far.

Her Best Friend's Killer: A Shocking True Crime Story includes 4 Bonus True Crime Storiesand an exclusive preview of The Devil Made Him Do It: A Shocking True Crime Story of Mass Murder

Her Best Friend's Killer is a shocking true crime story that you'll never forget.

May 21
Rod Kackley
Draft2Digital, LLC

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