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“I’ve come too far to surrender now…” 

Eledan’s nightmare has been unleashed upon the worlds and with Oberon gone, only the messenger crew stand in its way. 

Kellee, Talen, Sirius, Sota, and Kesh. Together, they are stronger, but there are forces on Faerie who do not want the worlds saved, forces that would see the Messenger and her crew torn apart.

Queen to Faerie’s new king, Messenger and more to the saru, lover to some and a weapon to others, but who is Kesh Lasota really? A guiding light or an unwitting puppet?

Answers are coming. 

The time for lies has passed. 

And Kesh will soon learn some battles can’t be won alone. 

The mind-blowing Messenger Chronicles comes to its explosive conclusion in Her Dark Legion. 

Series Reading Order:

Shoot the Messenger, #1

Game of Lies, #2 

The Nightshade's Touch, #3

Prince of Dreams, #4

Her Dark Legion, #5

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 17
Crazy Ace Publishing
Phillippa Lancaster

Customer Reviews

PalatableDinner ,

Her Dark Legion

This conclusion of its 5 book series was a long time coming and...it is what it is. Good writing knows when to show and when to tell, which is unfortunately not the case here. It could also use some proofreading. After going back and rereading book 1, the difference in quality is stark.

I was disappointed that Sirius’ relationship with Kesh never got fully explored, since it’s expressed that there’s more to him and significant gaps in his character development remain, but as it stands he exists simply to fill holes in the road to the story’s conclusion.

The author continues to repeatedly recap previous events and rehash trust issues that have been well overused over the course of the series. Three dimensional antagonists are replaced with flat villains, and mid-fight monologues combined with all the backtracking between various locations are cartoonish elements that break the immersion.

The trend of ceding whatever agency Kesh had to other forces persists, though I lost interest in her somewhere between book 3 and 4 as she has long since devolved into a horny 18 year old brat who can’t keep up with all the information she’s been receiving, yet finds it in herself to complain about not knowing enough. Whatever leadership skills she spontaneously decided to have here only compensates for so much.

The frustrating part is that the author acknowledges many of these issues in the writing, but decided against change in an attempt to, among other things, continue painting Kesh as a victim of things beyond her control, ironically resulting in a woe-is-me narrative. The silver lining would be that the author successfully made me care about Eledan more than Kesh and Kellee combined, and Talen’s fate pulled my heartstrings.

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