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From the author of The Last Savior Trilogy comes a brand new series, Her Dragon Bones Trilogy. This omnibus features three exciting swords and sorcery novels into one multi-book set!

Galan is the commander of the Queen’s Elite Diamond Guard-until the day he is captured by the Western Empire and thrown in a dungeon to torture his kingdom’s secrets out of him. The enemy wants him to tell where his dying Queen is hiding so they can take her legendary dragon bones from her.

Galan-and what is left of his guard-must save their Queen and their realm from the Western Empire no matter the personal cost. Breaking out of the Empire’s dungeon was the first fight in a long line of thrilling conflicts. But with secrets, lies, and betrayals at every turn, it becomes impossible to find the true path to complete their epic quest and difficult to know whom to trust-the dragon? The vampire? The Queen herself? All have a hidden agenda, and none want their secrets and true motivations revealed.

With lurking kraken, eldritch horrors, mad zealots, and sly dragons roaming the dystopian ruin of the kingdom, Galan must forge ahead to the castle atop the cliffs in the great capital city of Risrun to find the answers they seek-or their deaths-waiting for them. And when Galan’s dark past, from his enslavement as a youth to his slaughter of a saint beloved by the common people, comes back to haunt him, he must put these travesties behind him before he can move forward to save his people from annihilation.

But can he find the strength of spirit to defeat his own inner demons? Or will the betrayals he endures break his spirit as his enemies attack?

This dark fantasy omnibus edition includes When Her Dragon Bones Scream, When Her Dragon Bones Spellbind, and When Her Dragon Bones Sacrifice by R. Moses, author of The Last Savior Trilogy. It’s dark, gritty, action packed, full of twists and turns, feints and counterfeints, with a shocking grand finale worthy of the most classic swords and sorcery epic.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 11
R. Moses
Draft2Digital, LLC

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