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Story of two orphaned sisters (who it later turns out are not really sisters). Main character Linda, a high school junior in very different times, grows up in the absence of her nerve specialist father, who nonetheless shaped her.

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January 1
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Lorri I ,

Beautifully written, slightly disturbing

Her style and ability, and the beauty of her writing remind me of one of my very favorite authors: L.M. Montgomery. So happy to find a “new” author to read of a similar style. Undiscovered good books are such a prize. But it was frustrating to have to keep reminding myself of the high spirit of nationalism that resulted from the First World War, and the fact that the world was still a much smaller place then, and because of this, the recurring theme of white supremacy was based on both reaction to threats, and from ignorance of other cultures rather than from malice. It was clear she wanted her character to be an example of all that was good and upstanding, including in being kind to others, so one must take it as a sign of the ignorance of the times, but having friends from many cultures and different races, I still found this disturbing. The part where she justifies what worthy people American Indians were is very ironic, but reinforces the point that ignorance and fear are the issues in this case. As a plant scientist I was fascinated with a book about a girl botanist! I would have loved this book if I didn’t have to keep getting the otherwise good feeling about it interrupted by a stab in the gut when the main story was interrupted with the racist minor theme.

Madjammer()(48644$ ,

The Iris of Literature

So sweet, so pure, so wholesome and a joy to read!

Clairebellas ,


I loved this book so much!!!! Very good.

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