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This boxed set contains five paranormal erotica stories.

Dragon (4,700 words)

Georgia may be innocent, but she’s not naïve. She’s sure that her longtime acquaintance, the recluse Derek, is secretly behind the large grant allowing her studies to continue. When Georgia finally confronts Derek, he confesses his heavily guarded secret. However, it’s not the secret she was expecting. Will his hidden nature cause Georgia to lose her long held secret feelings for him, or will she lose something else entirely?

Vampire (3,300 words)

Alice and Darin have been planning this special night for a very long time. Everything would have been perfect, too, if Darin hadn’t been unexpectedly called away earlier in the evening. Once he does arrive, Alice realizes that he’s now something more than the man she once knew. Will she lose control and give Darin everything he desperately desires?

Werewolf (3,800 words)

This was Jenny’s first time camping in real woods. All of her other friends seemed to know what they were doing, especially the loner Jason who had somehow become the leader of their group. Jenny couldn’t even answer the call of nature without finding herself surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves. Now its up to Jason to show her how to handle herself in the woods. Is she ready to learn what she’s never known before?

Merman (3,800 words)

Innocent Stephanie needs some worldly experience, and her best friend thinks a Caribbean cruise is the perfect way to get it. Stephanie meets a gorgeous man but can’t help thinking that something’s a little fishy about his strange habits. That last thing she expects is to find herself accidentally overboard and that he’s the one coming to her rescue. When she discovers his secret, will she lose her interest or will she lose something else instead?

Abominable Snowman (4,000 words)

Janice is taking a two week skating retreat to a remote Alaskan cabin, seeking to reconnect with the sport she’s practiced her whole life. When she discovers an abominable snowman, she makes a different kind of connection for the very first time.

Fiction & Literature
September 22
Mina Shay
Draft2Digital, LLC

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