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Upon their first meeting, seventeen year old Edwina Banks loses her heart to the handsome, Sir Wallace Benedict. She then spends three years doing everything in her power to see him again only to learn a devastating truth: he still holds a tendre for his former love interest—Lady Chatterfield.

Disappointed but not defeated, Edwina forms a plan to help Sir Wallace gain his much-deserved and long awaited happily-ever-after by winning the object of his affection’s favor. For truly then she can put aside her feelings for him and pursue her own happiness.

Or can she...

Despite his three engagements, the thrice-jilted baronet, Sir Wallace Benedict, has never had an easy time charming those of the fairer sex. Having been deceived and used more times than he'd care to remember, he's erected a wall around his heart and is skeptical of everyone. Everyone except one Miss Edwina Banks, that is. Edwina is a mystery which has held him captive since their first meeting. So when she offers to give him advice for how to conduct a courtship that will end with the most favorable result: marriage, he agrees without hesitation.

January 31
Parchment & Plume, LLC
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Customer Reviews

Jo Jo 95 ,

Her Imperfect Groom

I read a lot of romance novels, so I'm fairly picky. The previous books in this series I really liked, and thoroughly enjoyed, very worthwhile books to read, but was unsure of the storyline of this one.... However it was my favorite of the entire series, so great! Loved it! Kept me up late reading for days!

Lt jake ,

Great Ready

The entire series was so much fun to read. Can not wait for it to continue.

Benesimon ,

Boring and Frustrating!

I loved the stories about the American Banks sisters, so I thought I'd read the grooms series too. I did not read the love story about Alex and Caroline because I found his character to be boring. I loved Elijah's story and thought I'd give his sister a try. What a mistake! Watching paint dry would have been more intriguing. I got so tired of reading about the stupid things Wallace and Edwina did because they couldn't be honest with each other. No one else who saw them acting like idiots stepped in to set them both straight. This tale left me unsatisfied.

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