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The last thing Chloe expected to find on her way to the kitchen was her landlord screwing her best friend. Shocked, she couldn’t tear her eyes away, even when Angie saw her. Even when Angie pretended to be Chloe for him.

Angie let her know she wanted more the next day. She wanted Chloe to join them. They’d always done everything together, she whispered. Could Chloe do her sexy landlord?

Warning: This erotic short story contains explicit sex between consenting adults. The plot involves a woman, her landlord, and her best friend (including lesbian sex). All sexually active characters are over the age of eighteen.



They stopped at the shoe store and picked out some gorgeous high heels that made her feet sore just looking at them before they continued on to get some skimpy underwear. The sales clerk at Victoria’s Secret grinned as she saw them coming, little dollar signs floating in her eyes.

“Hello, ladies! What can I help you with today?”

Angie took the lead. “We need something real hot in the underwear department. We have some seduction to do tonight.”

“We have just what you need,” she assured them. “Come over here and let’s see what strikes your fancy. Are you looking for subtle or do you want to be more direct?”

“How direct can you be?”

The sales clerk led them back into the store. “How about these?”

‘These’ turned out to be filmy little cupless bras. Right below them hung matching thongs. Holy shit! She would be naked.

Angie clapped her hands. “Perfect! I’ll take red and my friend will take black.”

“Are you insane?” Chloe hissed as the clerk took their selections up to the counter. “I’m going to look like a slut.”

“Relax. Len won’t think you’re a slut. He’ll just about cream himself though. I bet you’ll look so damn hot in that.”

They ate lunch at the mall and spent more time wandering around looking at things. Chloe found some gorgeous teardrop earrings and they each bought a pair.

Angie managed to talk them into a salon to get their hair done. She picked the style, though Chloe agreed it looked sophisticated and sexy. They also got a mani-pedi.

On the way out of the mall, Angie continued her planning. “We also need to do some landscaping for you.”

Chloe shook her head. “No way. I’m not letting some strange woman touch my pussy.”

“No problem. I’ll take care of it.”

“You’ll…you make me crazy. You know that, right?”

“Don’t be such a sissy. It isn’t as if I haven’t seen it before. Or even touched it. You didn’t seem to mind earlier.”

Chloe looked around worriedly. No one seemed to have head what her friend had said, but it made feel panicked to have her mention their lesbian fondling in a crowd.

“Do you mind not telling everyone I’m bisexual?”

Angie raised her eyebrow. “Are you? That’s interesting.”

Fiction & Literature
August 9
Dirty Girl Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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