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Her worst nightmare had come true—somehow she had been kidnapped and forced to kill her captor to get away.  

Finally home in Arizona, Lisa Garcia was scared all the time. She jumped at every sound and shadow, too scared to even leave her home.  How could someone who used to ride the rapids and trek the wilds of Alaska be reduced to this? 

Navy SEAL Raiden Sato had forgotten more missions than he could remember.  But this last one would stick in his mind forever.  Lisa Garcia.  How could he ever forget her?  Tough, strong, compassionate, beautiful, the woman was a force of nature.  But Raiden couldn’t help remembering how she’d been when they’d parted.  She’d seemed broken.  He needed to know how she was now.

When Raiden took leave to check on Lisa in Arizona, he was shocked at the woman he found.  The kick-ass wilderness guide was gone, replaced by a woman still mired in trauma.  She was positive that someone was out to get her.  Determined to help her, Raiden was positive that he could heal her with time, patience, and perhaps even love.  

But what happens when Lisa is right, and somebody really is out to get her?

This is an action, adventure, romantic, stand-alone novel. 

July 31
Passionately Kind Publishing, LLC
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Customer Reviews

Jen G F ,

Her Noble Protector

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Her Noble Protector is book 7 in the Night Storm series by Caitlyn O’Leary about Lisa and Raiden.

Very intense start to the book, struggling with issues, Lisa closes herself off from everyone who wants to help her get past her ordeal, save herself and move forward but it seems danger is lurking again. Raiden will do whatever it takes to bring her back and keep her in this life…

Suspense, danger, humor, friendships, family and finding a love for all time!

Book Addict KJB ,

Healing and Friendship and More

This is Raiden and Lisa's story. Navy SEAL Raiden, is a medic and a part of the rescue who saved Lisa from kidnappers. Now there are threats from within and, yet, there is more. A romance, a healing, page turning threats. I could not put down the book (which is normal for books by Caitlyn O'Leary). Beloved characters from previous books and other series can be found within the pages. Bravo!!

I received a free copy of this book via BookFunnel and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Helene Taibleson ,

Healing Heart

Can love, patience and a determined dedication help heal a tortured and shattered soul? That’s what Raiden is going to do to help Draw Lisa out of her own mind.

But there are other forces at work that may end Raiden’s work before he’s even got started.

So what is a Navy Seal to do? Call his brother-in-larks for assistance.

Every time I read one of Caitlyn O’Leary’s books I try to come up with more superlatives to describe how much I enjoy reading her books as well as her dedication to her writing as well as to those who read he books.

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