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Book two in the bestselling Magnificent Devices steampunk series!

Escaped lunatics, lost children, vengeful lords, and love. Really, the situation is becoming quite impossible.

Lady Claire Trevelyan, left alone after the Arabian Bubble financial disaster claims home and family, now leads the cleverest group of gamblers and reformed cutpurses in the London underworld. She discovers that the lightning rifle she took from a rival gang contains a unique source of energy—and its inventor has been locked up in Bedlam by powerful men in order to suppress its very existence. In order for Lady Claire to understand it, she must consult with the mad scientist ... even if it means breaking her out of the most frightening institution in London.

Then, in a moment of madness, she becomes engaged to Lord James Selwyn, who knows nothing of her double life. He expects her to be decorative and the perfect hostess to the rich investors interested in his and Andrew Malvern's Kinetick Carbonator. But how can the engagement survive his insistence on withholding the patent for her work? And how can Andrew stand by and watch Claire marry someone she does not love?

“An immensely fun series with some excellent anti-sexist messages, a wonderful main character (one of my favourites in the genre) and a great sense of Victorian style and language that’s both fun and beautiful to read.” —Fangs for the Fantasy: The latest in urban fantasy from a social justice perspective

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 22
Moonshell Books, Inc.
Moonshell Books, Inc.

Customer Reviews

swmodel19 ,


Bought number #3. The books are interesting and a lot of fun. I am sure I will complete the series. Please keep writing and I will keep reading. Congratulations from an older reader.

~~~t ,

Engaging and unexpected - bit of a cheat, tho

I enjoyed reading the book. I thought the characters were well portrayed, interesting. The setting was fun, and the plot moved along nicely… until it ended abruptly in the middle of the story. I would have rated the book much higher, except for the fact that it is quite short and just cuts off in the middle. I am not a fan of such series as they seem like cheats. Don’t break one good story into several little parts to sell separately.

acedia@speed ,

$4.99 for 180 page e-book?

Nothing against the author's writing here, BUT: I'd like to continue reading the series, having enjoyed the first one, but I don't want to read short story length items for these kinds of prices that are out of my budget for something that takes a couple of hours to read.

Story # 3 (though sold as a separate 180-page "book"in the series) costs $1.99 currently. I would be willing to pay a little more if these were offered together.

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