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In An Instant, He Knew She Was His

Navy SEAL Kane McNamara has narrowed a list of potential terrorist targets down to four in Oman—now it's a matter of keeping all of them safe until his team can figure out which one it really is.  Out of all the targets to protect, the last one on his list that he wants to personally guard is an international music show. Until he meets the woman organizing the event, then all bets are off.  He's in it for the long haul.

Has She Finally Met Her Match?

A.J. Lancaster has never met anyone like Kane.  Nobody's ever given her this much crap or been this much fun.  Her job doesn't give her a spare second to think, but she'll make time to flirt with the most interesting and hottest man she's ever met.

It's Turning Deadly...Fast

Soon Kane, A.J., and the rest of the Night Storm SEAL team realize al-Qaeda has the music show solely in their sights.  When innocents are injured, Kane and his team stop at nothing to guard the hundreds of people involved in the show, including the one woman who doesn't think she needs protecting.  When bullets fly, it's down to Kane and his team to stop al-Qaeda's plans, and Kane must ensure that the woman he loves stays alive so she can have the future she

August 20
Passionately Kind Publishing
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Michelle Winters ,

sure to satisfy!

Written filled with adventure, drama, and cute flirty fun, Her Ruthless Protector is sure to satisfy!

I loved the way Kane and AJ connected and interacted, and seeing AJ through Kane's eyes - that was a powerful thing to experience and let sink into me. I loved seeing how they could each hold their own, but yet, were amazing partners, both in the bedroom and out. AJ complimented Kane well with her backbone, her smarts, and her heart.

Seeing this is a military story as much as a romance story, bullets fly and bad guys abound everywhere, giving just the right amount of suspense and anxiety. Dealing with the enemy and the powers-that-be, and choosing what is right over what is ordered, and showing what having your brother's back truly mean, the military story line packs a punch.

Mix together the twist and turns, tear-filled moments, steamy moments, and laughter-ringing times and you've got another awesome Caitlyn O'Leary story to escape into.

Jen G F ,

Her Ruthless Protector

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Her Ruthless Protector is book 1 in new series Night Storm by Caitlyn O’Leary and oh my what a great start!!

Kane McNamara, Navy Seal, computer intelligence expert discovers there are four likely terrorist attacks being planned in Oman by Al-Qaeda. One of those is the International Music Show which A. J. Lancaster is one of the executive producers. What happens in this book will keep you on the edge of your seat and turning pages to find out what’s next!!

Drama, suspense, intrigue, sparks flying, sexy banter and hot chemistry are just a few of the things you’ll find in this book. Awesome read!!

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