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A throne stolen and a land thrown into conflict.
Wars consume.
Blood runs and lives are lost on both sides.
The fight to regain what was once theirs is becoming harder than ever.
But a weapon has been hidden by witches who have always vowed to not meddle.
A weapon that could very well end all the carnage and death.
A weapon that is just about ready to rise.

Onyx lives in a small settlement hidden with a handful of her people and as far away from the city of Singar as possible. All her life her fatherly figure and mentor, Alec has been training her and teaching her how to use a gift of magic to protect the Tarc people from behind the scenes. A call to his hut one day, Onyx finds herself with a new mission. A mission that will rock the very foundations of the emotionally untouchable Onyx.
Commander Tias, skilled warrior and head of the Tarc army finds himself incaserated in the formidable fortress Digne. From the very moment that he sets his eyes onto the beaten and bloody body of his cellmate everything else ceases to exist.
She confuses him.
Consumes him.
Captures him.
And yet saves him at the same time.
One look at the commander and Onyx weakens. He draws a desire and lust from her that she has long denied herself. Can she open herself up and give back everything that he gives her in return? And if so would she then give it all up in the name of protection?
Sacrifices must be made.
Hearts will be betrayed.
But will all be lost when love refuses to prevail?
Or will they stand together and become the salvation that they are meant to be?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 3
Chelly G
Smashwords, Inc.