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A man struggling to leave the battlefield behind, a woman powerful enough to help him all the way home. 

Logan Stone should be happy. More than happy, in fact. He’s Sutton Capital’s newest executive, no longer a Navy SEAL in the line of fire, fighting for his country and his brothers-in-arms. Now he spends his days working side-by-side with Samantha Page, the sexy, brilliant woman of his dreams.

But Logan is fighting a different kind of battle; one no one realizes he’s in. While he’s focused on managing his PTSD, something much more sinister enters his world and he must battle to save Samantha’s life and their growing love. 

When her life is threatened, he spirals downward. If he succumbs to the PTSD clawing at him, she’ll be left to fend for herself against threats neither of them could see coming.  

Heartwarming romance meets heart-stopping suspense in the Sutton Capital Series. Her SEALed Fate is the seventh book in Lori Ryan's wildly popular Sutton Capital Series, but it can be read as a stand-alone book.

September 14
Lori Ryan
Brighton Parker Rose, LLC

Customer Reviews

mybabychaz ,

Her SEALed Fate

What a great book, from beginning to end. Once you start reading, forget anything else you were planning to do. Since, my husband was in the military for over 20 years and fought for our country, it's a shame we didn't recognize and treat the ones coming home from Vietnam, instead of thinking they were just crazy or drunks and this book also relates to that as well. Great and hats off to you.

SBart79 ,

Loved it!!

The perfect mix of romance, suspense, humor, healing and friends. A page turner until the end, and then I even wanted more.

Sam is a computer hacker working for Sutton Capital. Not seeing her own outward beauty. Logan is new to Sutton and will be working with Sam. There is an instant attraction but Logan is afraid to act upon it as he is dealing with his own demons of PTSD, as a former Navy Seal. When they to start to move forward in their relationship, there is another danger lurking, a threat to Sam's life.

Loved the chemistry between these two kindered souls, and the healing that goes on between them. Great secondary characters. A wonderful story of healing from PTSD, and being able to move forward in life. I so enjoyed catching up with Sutton family.

This book is part of a series, but can be read completely as a stand alone. A great character guide at the end of the book for all the Sutton Capital books.

Snoopyvet ,

Great Series, Great story but can be read with out reading the others

I was gifted a copy by the author to advance read. This is an amazing story and by far my favorite of this series. I loved how the author approached the hero having issues with ajusting to being back in normal society afer being in the miltary for so long. The herione did a wonderful job of not making our hero feel bad cause he had issues. I loved how she researched how to help him deal with his issues. Will I will warn those that have PTSD to be aware there may be triggers in this book but it's so worth the read. I was aware and so didn't have any issues but could have it I hadnt know they were there. As both a Vet and a daughter of a vet I'm honored that the author donated so much of her profifts from this book to two awesome causes. The love story in this book will touch your heart and make you want to read the whole seires if you haven't read the other books. If you haven't read the other books don't worry you can read this one without reading them first, in fact I read the series in very strange order as I was late to it and was listening to the audio version for book 2 while I read reading the e version of book 3. Don't miss out on an amazing read grab this one and put in on your list of must reads if you love a good story like I do then this is a book you want

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