Her Secret Pleasure

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What happens when the man you spend your nights with isn't the man you long for?

For Kara Mahoney, all of her secrets are tied to one man.

Sean Castle was her first everything - her first kiss, her first love, and the first man to discover her obedient, sexual passions and dominate them. He was also her first heartbreak.

No strings attached.

Six years later and her nights are spent with wealthy Marcus Giovanni. He drives her wild and arouses her submissive side. They keep their no-strings-attached affair secret from the paparazzi who'd destroy her if they ever found out their city's favorite bachelor spent his nights with a curvy plus size nobody.

Everything changes with an invitation.

Kara receives an invitation to the new, wicked adult restaurant where guests are transported to a world of tantalizing, guiltless appetites. It turns out not only is Sean Castle the Chef de cuisine, he's also part owner with his brother Zach.

He's already broken her heart once.

When Kara and Sean are reunited in the days leading up to the grand opening, old passions become hard to resist. Sean struggles against reclaiming the girl he thought he'd given up six years before and Kara's body threatens to betray her by surrendering to the man she hates as much as she loves.

SECRETS series:
#1 Her Secret Pleasure
#2 Her Secret Betrayal
#3 Her Secret Power (Coming Soon)


"Up," he whispered as he placed his hands on my hips. I slid up onto the edge of the counter top, a secret part of me stirring with pleasure at being given a command from this man it could happily obey.

He moved his hands down to my bare knees to just above my socks and parted my legs slowly. The memory of this felt so acutely real it took my breath away and started my heart hammering despite my exhaustion. He was so close, his hot breath on my face, the warmth radiating through his fingertips on my bare skin. It all felt so deliciously familiar. I gazed up at his face, but he watched my knees where his hands touched. His eyes glassed over and I thought I could detect a hitching change in his breathing, too.

When Sean pulled his hands away, they were shaking.

He grabbed a handful of paper towels, ran one under the faucet, and then moved expertly between my parted legs to get as close as possible. He touched a fingertip under my chin, raised my gaze to meet his, and lightly guided my face to turn so that my wounded cheek was facing him, every touch given with frightening intimacy.

He held me still with his thumb on my chin and index finger beneath it. Very gently he touched the wet paper towel to the dry edges of my scratch. I flinched, tried to yank away from him, but he held me steady.

"Shhh," he whispered. "I've got you."

The ghost of a smile caught the corners of his mouth and I considered what the consequences might be if I pressed my mouth against that smile.

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August 11
Sweet Stories Press
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