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The bell at the delivery door buzzed again. Susan looked up from her computer screen and yelled, "Is anybody going to get that?"

She waited for help to come. "Where is everybody?" She rose from her desk and walked through an open doorway into the storage room. Walking through a maze of boxes and bins, she reached the door and unlocked it. She pushed open the heavy door to find a handsome man standing with a box on his broad right shoulder. He shifted the box so he could touch his cap. "Good afternoon, Mademoiselle. Where do you want the box?"

Puzzling over the French word spoken in a decidedly Midwestern accent, she pointed behind her to the left. "Over there, please."

She watched as he placed the box on the floor and walked toward her. "Sign here, please, Mademoiselle."

Susan smiled at him. "Of course." After she signed she said, "Please forgive me for being nosey, but I am curious about your calling me 'Mademoiselle' since your accent tells me you're not French."

He broke into a smile. "But, Mademoiselle, my accent does not tell you the whole story. I am part French. I moved with my parents from France to Iowa when I was only 6 years old. My father is part American and part French. My mother is thoroughly French. She still frets about how quickly my French accent melted away after I started the first grade in Rone, Iowa."

The man held her eyes for a moment.

"Merci, Mademoiselle. This is my first day on this route. Perhaps I will see you again."
Their love story unfolds across the Midwest, Texas, and Normandy, France. If you like sweet romance with twists and turns, this book is for you.

October 28
Ann M Streetman
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