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A sheltered princess meets, a gorgeous bad boy, and his irresistibly sexy best friend. Love and heartbreak will cause heroes to rise. While danger and tragedy turn friends to lovers in this epic soul mate romance that you won't put down until its HEA ending.

Jasmine - has been having dreams. In it, a rippling god claims her innocent body and makes it his own. That is only a dream, however. If she wants to be touched by a man in real life, she would first have to escape the palace where her father, the Sultan, has forbid any man from looking her in the eyes. 

But, something is telling her that her first love lies beyond the palace walls. How could she get there? Everything would have to go exactly right. Which means that her future would all come down to fate.

Aladdin - hasn’t been innocent in a long time. Street smart and confident, he has an all-consuming secret; he’s attracted to guys. That isn’t the reason he saves a fellow street-rat from being beaten. But that is the reason Aladdin looks into the beautiful boy’s grateful eyes and quivers for his lustful touch.

What will Aladdin do when he realizes that his beautiful boy is Jasmine in disguise? Will he recognize her as his soul mate? Or, will the tragedy that tears them apart lead him into the arms of a loyal friend who would do anything to keep Aladdin safe? 

With a powerful sorcerer willing to destroy the kingdom to keep the three separated, Aladdin will have to make a sacrifice. Will he choose Jasmine or his best friend? Or will Jasmine, with two wishes of her own, come up with a way for this love triangle to live happily ever after?

Adventurous days and steamy nights follow in ‘Her Two Wishes’, an ultra-high heat re-imagining of a classic fairy tale. This bisexual menage romance has twists and turns, explicit MF, MM, and MMF scenes, and a not-to-be-missed HEA ending!

August 27
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RateABull Publishing

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