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Depression, anxiety and stress are so commonplace these days. 5% of the adult population suffers from some or other form of mental agitation, on a clinical level, and it appears to many, that peace of mind is a thing of the past.

However, nothing is further from the truth!

You can regain your peace of mind and it starts with re-empowering yourself!

For many people, they are suffering so much that allopathic medications become a necessary evil. While allopathic medications have their place, in mental health relief, they are only a short-term solution.

If you want a long-term solution then read this book. It covers a wide range of herbal remedies, which can both reduce the dependence on allopathic medications and also act as a preventative, in the case of people who are feeling some of the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

These herbal remedies act as natural anti-depressants and anxiolytics, whereby you get the relief from the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, but you get very few side effects, which cannot be said for allopathic medications.

While allopathic medications can be effective in the short-term, in the long-term they produce a plethora of side effects which often result both in a weakening of the immunity system and physical health, as well as resulting in chemical dependency issues!

Herbs on the other hand also produce relief from the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, but they rarely produce any negative effects on either immunity or physical health and also they don’t produce chemical dependency issues!

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August 19
Dermot Farrell
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