Here Comes the Sun

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It is time to see the sun in a new light and elicit its secrets. Today there is resurgence in the practice of sun-gazing, along with the therapeutic use of sunlight and colour. While the sun’s benefits in providing vitamin D and aiding in the healing of depression have been known for some time, there are new revelations in 2016 that it prevents myopia and slows its advance. It is less well known that human biology reacts in a very direct way to the rotations of our star. A number of prominent doctors have come out to publicly endorse the absorption of sunlight in the human eye and skin, using common sense to avoid over exposure.
In the scientific field during 2016 researchers are making new discoveries about the ways our planet is intimately connected to the sun by invisible strings, and the real impact it has on our weather patterns and climate change. Quantum physics shows there may be corresponding connections on a different dimensional level that result in wormhole-type tunnels that bridge our earth to the sun and beyond.
Historically the star of our solar system has been honoured by the construction of megaliths such as Stonehenge and Glastonbury in England, Nabta Playa in Egypt and the Temple of the Sun in Mexico. Now alternative researchers believe there is evidence that solar power was harnessed and distributed in structures such as the pyramids and that giant obelisks such as the one at Abu Gurab were actually electrical transmitters. The concept and application of this fits perfectly with the theories of the 20th century genius Nikola Tesla. Great leaders in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome were guided by mystical activities based on what may be called the solar sciences, and their traditions survive today within certain secretive societies.
Authors such as James Redfield have suggested that the human body may be destined to evolve into what is known as a light body, and this is now supported by scientific research into matter being constructed of photons. Along with modern technology’s steps towards transhumanism and artificial intelligence, we are witnessing the emergence of a new breed of humans referred to as Indigo children and the Super Psychic kids. Modern day organizations such as Cosolargy suggest that the transmutation can be accomplished by the intake of the sun’s rays.
Spirituality has a role to play in our reconnection with the sun and the technique of ‘Incubation’ as practised by the ancients, called the Way of the Iatromantis, provides an avenue in the pursuit of activating our light bodies and making the next evolutionary step. In rethinking our relationship with the sun, we see a way forward into a future filled with light.

Health, Mind & Body
August 18
Paul Vernon Young
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