Heroes for Hire: Books 1-3

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Publisher Description

This is the set of the first three books in the Heroes for Hire series.

Included in the set are:

Levi’s Legend

Stone’s Surrender

Merk’s Mistake

Blurbs for each book are below. 

Levi's Legend:

The only constant in life is change…and it's not always for the better.

After an operation gone wrong that laid him low, Levi's obsession to find the men who betrayed him has grown to the point where nothing else seems to matter to him anymore. Although he's physically recovered from his injuries and has started his own company, Legendary Securities, when he catches the scent of the last man on his most-wanted list, he becomes a missile locked on his target. The very man he's hunting is hunting him as well…and fully intends to finish the job he started by taking Levi out once and for all. 

For every step of Levi's journey toward rebuilding his life, Ice has been there for him. The places where she can't join him--where he won't allow her inside--are the hardest ones to reconcile because she knows their relationship has reached an impasse. One wrong word, one false step may mean the last kiss for them…and ultimately the end of the road for all her hopes and dreams. 

Just as Levi has been at a standstill, waiting to get his final revenge, Ice can't resolve the heart of her conflicts until the monster that nearly destroyed their world is brought down for good. But the killer isn't just targeting Levi anymore. If she and Levi don't move fast, their future--whether separate or together--will be forfeit.

Stone’s Surrender

Stone is finally living his life again after a long, slow recovery. Working at Levi's new company, Legendary Securities, he takes his first job, not expecting the fast-and-furious action to hit straight out of the gate in the rescue of a senator's daughter kidnapped in the Middle East. 

Lissa will do almost anything to thwart her father’s nefarious plans for her. The last thing she expected was to be kidnapped. She's rescued by Stone and their meeting throws her for another loop when she falls hard for him. Even when he returns her safely Stateside, it seems there's no respite from the nightmare that follows her home, catching her in the very worst of the situation. 

This battle will require everything Stone and Lissa have to give. Even as they work together to clear her name and keep her safe, the harbinger lurks just around the corner… 

Merk's Mistake

Love never fades…

Injuries that require months of lost time are finally a thing of the past, and Merk sails from mission to mission with Legendary Securities, thrilled to be active once more. But when his ex-wife contacts him, panicked and needing his help, he rushes to get to her in time…only to have her snatched away right before his eyes.

When trouble finds her, Katina's first and only thought is her ex-husband Merk. Although they haven't spoken in a decade, nothing about their attraction to each other has changed. If anything, her reaction to him is deeper and stronger than ever before. But, while she reels from all they've lost, her life is on the line and her only focus is staying alive. 

Katina has something that others want badly enough to make them risk anything to get, no matter how evil their plan, no matter who they have to kill to get it…

September 11
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Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Destin52 ,

Heroes for Hire: Books 1-3

Exciting page-turners yet romantic. Stories about true heroes who find life after military life. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Montanafilly73 ,


Great stories and believable story lines. Loved the danger, some I could figure out, some I couldn’t. Left me wanting more, more, more of this author and these Seals!!!

quilts4u2 ,

Loved it

I love Dale’s books. They are always interesting. They always have a nice blend of characters.

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