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Can love last a lifetime? Billy Walsh and Daniel Richards never intended to be matchmakers. After all, they're only at the start of their own love story. When Billy uncovers a failed love affair, he learns it lasted more than fifty years until it fell apart. He and Daniel see their own fledgling relationship through the lens of the now estranged couple, and they vow to reunite the elderly lovers. But as they set about their task, the pressure of modern life threatens to tear them apart.

Fiction & Literature
January 21
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Wonderful Romance

Billy Walsh retired from an acting career at an early age, to take care of his ailing mother. He’s very caring, selfless and has a shyness about him and most importantly he’s a loving son. To be closer and able to care for his mother, Billy works as a social worker in North East London. As if his client list isn’t already overloaded he’s given a new client, Chuck Stuart. Billy actually likes his visits with his elderly clients and enjoys listening to their stories.

On a visit with his Mother, he meets with Dr. Jerome. Unfortunately, the update on her is not good and Billy is just overwhelmed. While he’s trying to compose himself from the upsetting news, he’s approached by Daniel, who he had already ran into at the hospital.

Daniel Richards has a wonderful job as a musical director. He’s produced “Therapy on Stage” that works with all special needs youngsters. It seems he has hopes to spread out his production to more places. Daniel seems somewhat dominant, fun and a little hyper. He has a very close friend in Maggie who brings some very colorful items to decorate his home.

As David and Billy start to get acquainted, Billy notices a sort of rudeness in Daniel when he get’s texts messages. It always seems Daniel breaks dates or has to immediately leave. Billy makes one mistake that could possibly end their exploration of a relationship.

Even with all the situations going on in Billy’s life, he befriends the cranky older man, Chuck Stuart. He finds out that Chuck is an American war veteran and has been holding on to a secret for over fifty years.

David C. Dawson is known for his “Delingpole Mysteries” about mystery, murder, and espionage. “Heroes In Love” was a wonderful surprise! This is his first, strictly, romantic novel and he did a spectacular job. It’s a warm, heartfelt, love story, filled with emotions and the ups and downs of these two men’s lives. David gives a very in-depth look at both Billy and Daniel’s lives, as very young boys and how they survived to where they are now.

There’s minor drama between Billy and Daniel but they always seem to take the time to talk things out and be honest with each other. I like the conversation that they have about love and what it really means to both of them. They both have to deal with things from their pasts and how to make amends.

David created such a wonderful character, Chuck Stuart, he absolutely stole my heart. This novel also brings art and music to the forefront. I was curious about the David Hockney painting “Peter Getting Out of Nick’s Pool” and looked it up.
I could just go on about this novel but I don’t want to reveal too much more because there’s so many great moments that are revealed in this novel. All I can say is if your looking for a superbly written romance story this is it!