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"Heroes of Greek Mythology" is Charles Kingsley's retelling of classic stories from Greek mythology. The work focuses primarily on the exploits of three heroic figures from Greek mythology, Perseus, Jason (and the Argonauts), and Theseus. Aimed at a younger audience, this classic collection of tales is rich with a spirit of adventure and fantasy that dominated early mythological tales. With nearly 60 illustrations reproduced from the original edition "Heroes of Greek Mythology" is a classic little book that will delight readers both young and old.

Young Adult
January 1
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Grades 1-12

Customer Reviews

just some guy on iTunes ,

Wonderful classic

Marvelous introduction to these Grecian tales of heroism and villainy. I read this book when I was a child and was thrilled when Jason took the fleece, felt the call of adventure when Athene challenged Perseus, and horrified at Procrustes’ hellish bed. The Greek tales are far superior stories than modern stories like Harry Potter or even LOTR, because they teach you about virtue, something the reviewer below knows little of.

The reviewer below sneers at Kingsley for gender stereotyping and commits the fallacy of judging one by the standards of the future: and standards which are not scientifically accurate, either. Such bigotry characterizes the shallow education of average leftist thought.

Kingsley reads these tales without the stuffy vocabulary or academic jargon in many books on mythology, and you experience the spray of the sea and the sun on your waxen wings as if you were right there in the words your grandfather might read to you when you were falling asleep. Would almost guarantee you’ll want to pick up a wooden sword and slay a Medusa when you’re finished. Enjoy the book.

KateKinney ,

Heroes of Greek Mythology

This book is very dated. In the intro Kingsley articulates gender stereotypes from the mid-20th century that are both offensive and laughable. I think I'll stick with interpreting the Greek myths for my young ones on my own, with some help from Robert Graves.

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