Heroes of Steel

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It is a dark time in the Underdeep of Steel. As the threat to humanity closes in, roads and lines of communication in the west begin to falter. In this rising chaos, a haunted prophet travels bearing news. Plagued by cataclysmic dreams of both the future and the past, he must deliver his warning before it is too late.

The Whispers over Steel series follow a prophet in the western Underdeep roughly seventy-one years after the Shattering of the world. To learn more about the world of Steel, you could turn to the historians of our time: 

From the notes of Yazad Novian, Historian born under the 16th moon, Cassandra Waxing 

"All stories such as this start with the downfall. We remember our history, the history of people. Or at least fragments of it before the fall. The kingdoms of Trentan, and High Kallas, the plains of Relliar and the bloody civil war over the Sedolla Bastions. We strive to remember all that was lost. But the druids, the Dhrogas, they remember the Gods and how the world was born, and how it crumbled. 

They tell us, in story and in song, that the All-Father birthed 13 sons and daughters of his own hands. In the shadow of the Children, He created humanity in his likeness. But, we forgot both Him and the Children, as we got caught up in our own ways, the chaotic way of great Kingdoms, and the clink of coppers and silvers. Of course some part of us remembered them. The old temples, our calendar, the names we give our children--they all pay heritage to the Thirteen and to the All-Father. In our own ways, some say that before the fall, we were already blindly following in the path of the four Children who rose up. The four Dark-Born who plotted against the other Children, who dared to plot against the All-Father himself. Such was their combined power that together, they captured the All-Father in a mighty snare, and shattered him. The world and many of our dreams broke with him. 

The kingdoms burned, and many turned to follow the Dark-Born with eyes wide open. Men and kings turned on their neighbor, turned to worship the daemons of the dark, and turned into beast under the touch of the Corruptor. 

It was in this dark hour that the Dhrogas, the ancient druids, led some of us out of the Lands to escape destruction. They led by instinct, by prophecy--not by knowledge. They led us down into the earth, into the great chasms wrought by the shattering. They led us here, to these hollows, vales and tunnels, causeways and ancient structures discovered under the earth. No one knows who created them, or for what purpose, but we have made them our own. Not even the Dhrogas know. 

We have scratched out a living under the earth, established a few strongholds, and fewer cities. The Dark Four have ravaged the world, and now their minions surround us, chipping at the fragile framework of our world. We are all that is left, the remnants of our world has formed into small isolated towns and villages. The six remaining Barons hold to their fiefs, to their castles and protect their lands, promising some degree of safety from the dark. But we lack the power to fight back, to turn the tide--we can only dig in and try to survive. We must look to our youth, to our brightest and strongest, and hope that heroes will emerge."

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