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One woman’s dream is another woman’s nightmare. 

The emails tell the story. The emails are the story. The first book of it's kind. 

Natasha has been hoping for years that Lamar would suddenly realize that he loves her. When her patience runs out, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Planning the perfect moment, in the perfect place, on a perfect night to reveal her feelings, hoping for the perfect outcome, but her moment is stolen when another woman catches Lamar's eye. Now Natasha must find a way to win the heart of the man she loves because watching her dream man with yet another woman is too much to bear. How far is Natasha willing to go to have him? When Regina met Lamar it could only be described in one way. Fate. They haven't known one another very long, but she knows what she has with Lamar is the real thing. Lamar is the first man to treat her well, and he is so romantic. It seems like the fairy tale she has been waiting on her whole life, and she is not willing to let him get away. The only problem is Lamar's best friend is a woman, and Regina is sure that she is up to no good. Lamar, of course, does not see the problem. How can Regina convince Lamar to step away from his friend for true love? Is Lamar the prince charming she's been waiting for her whole life? Or will her sweet dream become a beautiful nightmare. A scandalous story of romance, friendship, and obsession told through a collection of emails. Regina and Natasha have both found the man of their dreams, and they are pulling out all the stops to have his heart.

October 1
ZRay Publishing
Taresa Anderson

Customer Reviews

Toni Anderson ,

Love This

I could not stop reading this book. I couldn’t even force myself to put it down. I love the way the story was told. I reccomend it.

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