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Taking a cruise with the kids? Do you want your kids engaged and excited about what to expect onboard? Do you want your kids to learn as well as have fun while traveling? Look no further!

Traveling with older kids and tweens is sometimes tough, so get them involved early in the planning process! While this book is written specifically with the young reader in mind (ages 8-13), the interesting and fun facts can be shared with children of any age. Get the entire family excited about your family cruise, and then let them help plan the trip!

Finally! A cruise ship book for kids - written especially for them! Hey Kids! Let's Visit A Cruise Ship asks:

Hey Kids! Do you know...

How a Cruise Ship Floats?
What does the Cruise Ship Captain do?
Just how big is a cruise ship actually is?
Where does the cruise ship crew live?
Where does the poop go?
How much food is served on a cruise ship?
What are the cruise ship games on board?

Each section of the book explains some of this about cruise ship vacations as well as listing some fun and interesting facts about cruise ships. Your child or grandchild will be your be able to tell you all about the ship with this book!

Teresa Mills is the bestselling author of the Hey Kids! Let's Visit Series of children's books! This series focuses on building your child's / grandchild's life experiences through travel and learning activities that will enhance their lives forever!!!

The Hey Kids! Let's Visit Series also a visit to Washington DC, New York City, London, Charleston South Carolina, San Francisco, Paris France, and Savannah Georgia!

Take a look at what other amazon customers say about Hey Kids! Let's Visit A Cruise Ship:

This book was purchased for a 7 year old going on her first cruise. She is an avid reader and it made for a good read for her. She had many questions about her upcoming vacation and this helped answer some of them. Of course, she now tries to make her own towel animals every night! Great book and a nice way to introduce cruising as a method of travel!

I really think kids will enjoy this especially if a cruise is being planned. They will go on the ship with advanced knowledge and probably start asking their own questions of the crew!

As school teacher and a person who loves traveling, I found this book full of fun facts to share with students and "big kids (adults)" too.

March 23
Teresa Mills
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