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One woman. Five personalities. Private investigator IQ is back to piece together a Newport Beach murder with an eyewitness who gives "people person" a whole new meaning.
Christiana is the daughter of the biggest arms dealer on the West Coast, Angus Byrne. She's also the sole witness and number one suspect in the murder of her boyfriend, found dead in her Newport Beach boutique. Isaiah Quintabe is coerced into taking the case to prove her innocence. If he can't, Angus will harm the brilliant PI's new girlfriend, ending her career.
The catch: Christiana has multiple personalities. Among them, a naïve, beautiful shopkeeper, an obnoxious drummer in a rock band, and a wanton seductress.
Isaiah's dilemma: no one personality saw the entire incident. To find out what really happened the night of the murder, Isaiah must piece together clues from each of the personalities . . . before the cops close in on him.

Fiction & Literature
January 28
Little, Brown and Company
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

RossB-B ,

Not up to his previous work

The best thing about the main character in the prior book was his sense if justice. In this book he threw that away. There were also many things that made no sense. For example, the main character set it up that two killers would come for him so he could find out who they were and who sent them, but instead of luring them in he ditched them.
Later his girlfriend wanted to help him when he was kidnapped but never called any of their mutual friends, who knew where the enemy hideout was located.

Divadogsg ,

Hi five

For a guy that was supposed to be smart, he sure did stupid things. Oh and what was his source of income?

..HHS.. ,


Stale. Cutout bad guys, too many dull subplots.

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