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I had it all.

Breaking into the entertainment business as a teenager wasn’t easy. I spent years of my childhood traveling, auditioning and hoping my big break would come. And when it did, I rose to a level I never imagined.

Elle Tyler: model, singer and actress. I couldn’t go anywhere without security anymore. It was everything I ever wanted and more - fame, fortune and worldwide recognition. At age twenty-four, I was living a dream. 

But a single act of violence shattered my fairytale existence. In a matter of seconds, all the goodness in me was ripped to shreds. Overnight, the people around me dropped away, moving on to find the next big thing. I gave up on myself, becoming a woman so dark and forlorn I no longer recognized myself.

But the stranger who saved me that day, Justin Lockhart, never gave up on me. He still saw light through my darkness. And as we grew closer, I started to see it, too. And I also started to see that before that terrible day, maybe I didn’t really have it all. Maybe I was always missing the only thing that really matters.

April 25
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

coffeegoddesstmk ,

4.5 Intense Stars

I've been a Brenda Rothert fan for ages, and have read and enjoyed the earlier books in her Lockhart Brothers series. I knew that there was one more Lockhart brother to get to know a little bit better, but thought for sure that his story couldn't top the others. I mean, Brenda handled some very touchy subjects with grace, passion, and redemption there, and how do you match that? Well, if you're Brenda, you write HIDDEN DEPTH, that's how.

I fell in love with Elle and Justin from the very beginning of their story. Beyond the horror, the loss, and the life changes that both had to endure, there was acceptance, compassion, friendship, and a sense of being home. Elle and Justin are two very special people, and their ability to just be themselves and be there for each other made my heart happy.

Is it crazy to think that a man from a small town and a wildly famous entertainer might just be able to find each other in this world and make a go of it? The romantic in me says heck, no, and cheered Justin and Elle on from beginning to end. I could not have been happier with their journey, but I am always happy to see some 'down the road' details, so, Brenda, if you decide to visit Lovely, MO, for some more Lockhart family time, I'm totally down with it.

HIDDEN DEPTH is an endearing, sexy, uplifting 4.5-star read for me, and joins the other books in this series in sharing some of my favorite of Brenda's characters. I highly recommend making a trip to Lovely and getting to know the Lockart family. It's a trip worth taking.

Blpmendez ,

Another Lockhart bites the dust

I think I have just gotten over my Reed crush and have fallen for Justin. Justin is the baby Lockhart brother and is so darn sweet. He was at the right place and the right time to save a pop star named Elle. Two strangers that were brought together under very harsh circumstances and before they knew it they had fallen for each other. This is a very sweet story with a harsh predicament. Elle and Justin overcome the tragedy that brought them together. I personally don't think that you have to read the other two books in this series but it wouldn't hurt if you did. I really enjoyed reading this book and loved the characters.

dsubsits ,

Hidden Depth (Lockhart Brothers #4) by Brenda Rothert

Brenda Rothert’s HIDDEN DEPTH is a heartwarming and moving read. This is the story of the youngest Lockhart brother, Justin, and model, singer and actress, Elle Tyler. This contemporary romance takes place in St. Louis, Missouri and Lovely, Missouri.

First, my son’s name is Justin. So, I automatically like Justin Lockhart because of his name. That being said, I do like his character. He is protective and kind. He has good values. Elle is a sweet character. I love how she interacts with her fans. She is a good person, that has had some bad things happen to her. I appreciate that Justin and Elle like each other for the people they are and not who they are.

Chloe Michaels is an awesome assistant and friend to Elle. I love how she looks out for her. Andre is a faithful bodyguard. I appreciate that the two truly care about Elle and are more than employees. They felt horrible and responsible about what happened even though it was not their fault.

I love that Miss Dee Dee once again makes an appearance in this series. She is the perfect person for Elle to befriend.

From a story perspective, I like how Justin and Elle meet. What happens is horrible but it makes a fantastic plot. Her situation with Gary Beasley was traumatic and chilling. Justin faces some interesting situations in the story. I like how he handles them. I adore how the story ended. It fell welt concluded. Once again, Brenda Rothert did an amazing job with this series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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