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What is Gabriel Murphy hiding in his house?

Completely unprepared for the snow storms, Erica Mira gets stuck in the middle of nowhere, Maine. Nearly dead, she makes her way to the only house she can find. However, her troubles are far from over.

The handsome and mysterious Gabriel Murphy seems to be the only person living in the chalet, and he has not had a guest in a long time. Erica is drawn to him, but his dead wife is keeping him prisoner. Soon, Erica realizes that she is in a much greater danger she's ever bargained for.

As weeks go by, Erica stumbles upon more secrets eating at Gabriel and is pulled deeper into the mystery of the house. Every time she tries to leave, the house throws more obstacles her way, but if she stays, neither herself nor Gabriel will survive. 

Fans of Victoria Holt and Nora Roberts are addicted to this modern gothic contemporary romance series by USA Today bestselling author Victoria Pinder!

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January 2
Love in a Book
Love in a Book

Customer Reviews

going for the MAT ,

Inexplicably bad

I don't think I've ever read it worse book. Everything about it is just bad from the plot to the poor proofreading to the way it continually circles around and around and around from the second chapter on. The characters are not believable, they will annoy you more than anything. You don't care about their fabulous sex because by the time they get together you really hate both of them. I can't even count the number of times the same words are said over and over and over until you think this author must be getting paid by the word because there's no reason that should be this long. I'd really like to smack whoever told this author that they had a talent for writing. They don't. This is just awkward and awful and I can't understand how this is a best-selling author. Except for the X-rated sex, it's written at a junior high level. It's just an insult to humanity that this book even exists.

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