Hidden Obsession Hidden Obsession

Hidden Obsession

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After her husband dies, Boston emergency room physician Dr. Maura Kelly not only dreads returning to the hospital where she and her cardiologist husband worked, but also living in the house where they had planned a bright future. While contemplating to resume her duties, she receives a surprising call from Dr. Andrew Dodd, chief of emergency services at Miami’s Mount Zion Medical Center. With her whole energy focused on her husband’s illness, she had completely forgotten he had sent their curriculum vitas to the Miami hospital.

Dr. Andrew Dodd has his hands full. He has worked hard to downplay his wealth until his estranged father wheedles his way back into his life by funding Mount Zion’s future cutting edge new emergency room, horrifyingly to be named the Dodd Emergency Center. Complicating matters, several of his doctors have defected to more sedate suburban emergency departments, leaving his emergency room short-staffed. His quest to find an emergency room doctor who knows how to work in the trenches of a busy urban hospital ends when Maura Kelly’s information finally pops up in his email. He can’t get her beautiful face or her exemplary CV off his mind. She is not only the perfect candidate, but she would also make an excellent co-chief of the emergency department, allowing them to work even closer together.

The timing couldn’t have been better for Maura or for Andrew.

Maura takes the risk to change her life. She ditches a frosty Boston winter and trades her prominent position at Massachusetts General Hospital for one at Mount Zion Medical Center in sunny Miami. The tropical city agrees with her. But not everyone is happy to see Maura sign on, including Dr. Stacey Minkoff who has her own designs on becoming the co-chief.

Butting heads with Stacey Minkoff isn’t Maura’s worst problem. A stalker who begins to show his love for her in creepy ways is. He would do anything to see her crowned as chief of the department, including getting rid of anyone standing in her way.

While Maura has second thoughts of having moved to Miami, and Andrew feels guilty he’d pleaded for her to join him only to have her be the target of a psychopath, they work together with a detective, setting a trap to find the stalker before he claims Maura as his prize at any price.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 10
Tanya Goodwin
Draft2Digital, LLC

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